Married Woman Dies While Commiting Adultery With Married Man

A married man, Amaechi Uche Padmore, has been arrested by the police and charged to a Lagos court on the allegation that his lover, Edith Nwokolo, died while he was intimate with her.

He is now facing a murder charge at Ebute Metta Magistrate’s court, Lagos over her death.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the lovers, who are both married, engaged in intimate romp at 94, Mushin Road, Mushin, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

It was gathered that while Uche was on top of Edith, she started breathing heavily, jerked and died.

They were reported to have dated each other before they got married to different spouses.

Sources said immediately the incident happened, Uche, who has three kids, abandoned his pant and shoes and fled.

Edith was found dead on top of a bed and a neigbour who saw Uche with her before she died, raised the alarm and the matter was reported to the police at Olosan Division.

He was arrested and arraigned on Wednesday for murder before the presiding Magistrate, Mr. T. Aborinwa under section 221 of the criminal code law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.

P.M.NEWS gathered that her death triggered controversy as the deceased woman’s family insisted that Uche was responsible for her death.

But the autopsy report presented at the court showed that she died of heart related problem. When the matter came up at the court, Uche pleaded not guilty.

The presiding magistrate granted him bail since the autopsy showed she died as a result of heart problem.

The court referred the matter to DPP for advice, while adjourning it till 25 July, 2012.

Source: PM News


  1. It’s quite unfortunate such incident happened. Well, maybe thats how GOD wants to purnish the man, Amaechi for his illicit affairs of adultery.Well, legally, the man is innocent as autopsy report has shown that the deceased died of a heart-related disease.

    Plz avoid adulterous acts. You may not be as fortunate as this man to have been granted bail o.

  2. My fellow Nigerian’s the courts will be unable to unravel the mysteries behind such an incident…
    It might be divine!
    We have to go back to the cross and plead for forgiveness. Men tend to be careless with SIN because judgement is not given instantaneously as it was at ‘old times’.
    At the foot of the cross…

  3. It was sin un2 death 4 d woman. No chance 4 repentance. Hell straight 1Jn.5:16. D man however is fortunate 2 av a chance 2 confess his sin and have genuine repentance n accept Jesus as his Lord n Saviour n be saved frm God’s anger n indignatn dat wil soon fall on his head.

  4. It is quite unfortunate. This stresses the importance of People keeping to their promises. The two people involved before one of them died, had “MARRIED themselves while courting” don’t forget the way lovers introduces themselves as “my wife, my husband” even while not matrimonially together. If God had sanctioned the confession before they run in their own ways, the subsequent marriage is the adulterous thing. The Heart related problem must have arisen out of the deceased managing to live with an “un ordained husband”. So, don’t leave your first love for reasons of money, beauty or handsomeness, as you MUST eventually actualise whatever you have presented for Gods approval before doing your own will. I submit that Edith died in the hands of her Husband.

  5. Agu, why kwanu? U fucked up big time men!! So, u’re not even aware of what the bible said, it says ‘a man who commits adultery will pay the full price of it’. Adultery in the highest order. Married man to married woman is an outrageous adultery. As for the woman, may her soul rest in peace. But she did 4got probably where she come from. There cultural beliefs which don’t tolerate a married woman’s act of infidelity. The result might be an instant death like this or something more tragic.

  6. That serves the man and woman right.If i were Mr Nwokolo,Ediths husband i will ask Amaechi to carry the corpse and bury in his compound and go for DNA test for the children Edith has for me to ascertain if truely i am the biological father of the children if the reverse is the case the children will leave my house possibly to Amaechi,s house and i will put oil bean seed in her casket and place a curse on her Edith never to return to human but as a dog.This also goes out to any young man who want to marry to watch carefully not to marry a harlot as a wife because Edith is a harlot and a Prostitute who is not staying in the hotel but at home carrying out her illicit and amorous affair.

  7. As a man u may want 2 say ‘at least the woman died nt d man’, but u’ve forgotten that d grace we al av is different. If u stil persist on going 2 d@ same place, it may b d day u go next d@ ur God wil com. Please, I beg u in d name of God, DON’T GO. Give God a chance in ur life & marriage, he’ll strenghten you 2 d end, u still av a second chance as this man has. Don’t postpone ur salvation.