Nadia Buari explains what she really did with Essien, disclaims kissing rumor

News of the two former love birds making up through a purported amorous kiss went viral on the internet last week at the birthday party of newscaster and host of Diva’s Show, Nana Aba Anamoah held at Villaggio Primavera.

Speaking on the Brunch in the Citi hosted by Jessica Opare-Saforo, Nadia explained the speculations emanated from “innocent pictures” which were taken during the party.

“There was no kissing; it was just blown out of proportion,” she said.

Nadia further explained that “we were trying to take pictures and the media paparazzi were also taking pictures. We were to take just two shots but they were still taking a lot [of] pictures and I was really shy so I tried to leave and Essien was just trying to cover my face that’s all.”

The two called off their relationship about two years ago.

Nadia also hinted of a possible venture into the Ghana music industry specifically, Hiplife music.



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