Nigeria’s Got Brains Too as Yet another Nigerian Emerges Best Graduating Student in Turkish University

While Nigerians at home are still basking in the glory of excellent performances by their students abroad reported within the past couple of weeks, another Nigerian student in Turkey has given the country more reasons to be proud.

Tunji Anthony Olu-Taiwo from Ifako-Ijaiye Local government area of Lagos state has recently graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University in the Turkish republic of North Cyprus as the best graduating student from the Faculty of engineering.He finished with a Grade Point Average of 4.00 out of a possible 4.00 (straight A’s). He obtained a degree in Computer Engineering.

Tunji was born in Kano, Nigeria where he attended Air force Nursery and Primary school. He completed his secondary education at St. Thomas Secondary School in Kano.

Within the past two weeks, at least two other Nigerians have appeared in the news for similar reasons. Twenty-two year old Emmanuel Ohuabunwa was in the news for breaking academic record at the John Hopkins University in the United States. Shortly afterwards, another Nigerian, this time twenty-one year old Chibundu Onuzo was declared UK’s Number 1 black student as a result of her excellent academic performances and other exploits in creative writing.


  1. The issue is not that nigerias aren’t good. A lot of us have above average I.Q’S. The issue is that Nigeria doesn’t appreciate her own. In this country, they have a nack of belittling her own, even though, we are one of the best….c’est tres facile!

  2. Congratulations Tunji for making Nigerians proud.
    I pray also that our leaders may value education here in Nigeria and provide the students with their neccesary needs.

  3. Congrats Tunji and others that made Nig proud. The truth is that if they have schøoled in Nig, they may not have got it big because we have devils among our lecturers who wl trim their results on false reasons. Let’s our Mr,s, Dr’s and prof’s learn from their fellow over there! I personally attribute the successes to good pleasure of their instructors second to God’s.

  4. Congrats to u all. My fellow students, is it possible in Nig. Universities to have straight A’s from beginning to end of program? Where some lecturers would be seen it as a silly & impossible to given ‘A’ to student who deserved it especially in research report. This is a great lesson for our Nig. lecturers

  5. The main problem hindering the recognition of our capacity for performance is the pervasive culture of corruption we have done nothing about in terms of addressing it.It will continue to enforce the poor perception already held against us inspite of some of our individual attainments.It is a regretable situation.

  6. Congrat,
    It made me to remembered my final year project defence saga,
    I was highly victimized by the so called external assessor simply because he was not in good terms with my supervisor. And my supervisor were not allow to award any marks to me. He messed/condemned my project and awarded me D for a project I used a whole 12 months plus to researched. Also my direct supervisor were incapacitated.
    Nigeria academic environment were horrible to produced excellently brilliant student, those that claimed that graduated with good grade can not even defend their result. What a shame country.
    All lecturer are at war with each other, you have to belong to this or that lecturer camp before you can passed his or her courses.


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