Sick nollywood star, Enebeli Elebuwa, debunks purported healing by Pastor Fireman

Pastor Fireman and Enebeli

Pastor Sign Fireman of Perfect Christianity Ministry, Surulere’s claim that he has healed Enebeli Elebuwa was debunked during the week as WG investigation revealed that the ailing actor is still lying critically ill in an hospital in Abuja.

Last weekend, Sign Fireman released a video on You tube which showed the ailing veteran actor taking steps with the man of God. But reacting to the purported healing when contacted by WG, the actor said contrary to the man of God’s claim as showed in the video which he released on You tube, his condition has not changed.

Though he admitted visiting the church as well as receiving prayers from Fireman, Elebuwa insisted that his conditions didn’t improve as claimed by the controversial pastor.

He said: “If he claims that he has healed me, I leave everything to God. I was in his church and he prayed for me but my condition did not improve.” In the video released last week, Freeman claimed that Enebeli was already healed and that in a matter of days he would be fully back on his feet.

The veteran actor is currently receiving treatment at the Abuja National Hospital. He needs the prayers and support of well-meaning Nigerians to get back to his feet again.  Enebeli was struck by stroke late last year.  Enebeli has been sick for more than a year now and he has been taking from different hospitals in Lagos and Abuja.

-Vanguard News


  1. Must u heal a man by force or telling liar in the name of healing? Take it easy healing is from God, as 4 my faviourit Actor I wish u quick recovery d one from God

  2. Receive your total healing at The Lords Chosen Revival Ground at Ijesha Bus stop,Lagos.
    The church present “AND THE ENEMY SUBMITTED” on 9th & 10th June 2012.
    8 am daily
    Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Morka

  3. You are an Actor, right? That makes your case simple. ACT like you are HEALED, and you are healed. Act it in your WORD, in your IMAGINATION.Thats the simplest way I can explain FAITH for you Sir. You shall not die, but live to declare the WORK of the LORD in the LAND OF THE LIVING, in JESUS’ name. Can you say…

  4. it is a lie no man can heal except ALLAH SUB ANAHU WATA ALLA, it is not god heal god heal is for ever but satan heal is 4 some minute that mean it is satan heal. wooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. We detest truth in this country,if t were to be TBJ, heavens will go ablaze! What is CAN doing to take this up? Even the media houses do not even help matter. Junk papers. We run after shadows in this nation. O mase o, oyibo kare. What a wasted generation!

  6. Leke oni tru talk there o dont mind them those media wont write anything since it’s nt TBJ if i were u elebuwa go 2 Tbj and receive ur healing wit God al things are possible

  7. Please I want Mr. Elebuwa to try the power of God in the Lord’s Chose Charismatic Revival Ministry this Saturday and Sunday When we have the program ..and the Enemies Submitted. My phone number is 08033329610. When you come and nothng happens, you are free to say whatver you like about the man of God in the Lord’s Chosen. I plead with you to come. Even this thursday before the program. My name is Julian.


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