NUC Suspends Part-time Programmes in Universities

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Professor Julius Okojie, while briefing newsmen in Abuja on Monday, 25th June, 2012, announced the suspension of part-time programmes run by Nigerian universities. According to him, part- time programmes are being abused by Nigerian universities, and this step was necessary in order to bring them in line with global best practices and standards.

According to the Executive Secretary: “for now, all part-time programmes are suspended, we are going to streamline them. In effect, we should not have more than 20 per cent of the total students’ population on part-time programmes… all part-time programmes must be located on campus, we don’t want satellite campuses again”.

The NUC has good intentions as we will all agree even the full-time students who study and even live on our campuses in Nigerian universities eventually graduate most of the times as half-baked graduates. Yes. One only needs to interact with some of our graduates to see that a lot of them know little or nothing about their professed disciplines. But as is the case with most of our problems, the manner of approach is rather wrong.

Must the Commission suspend the already ongoing programmes? Why can’t the Commission just introduce a quota system for the universities to follow, starting from their next sets of intakes? So that, whoever now flouts this quota system can then be punished as the commission deems fit – even bans will not be too harsh then. As it is now, what purpose does the current suspension serve, other than to leave more youths idle? Or must the programmes be suspended before the universities can be made to close down the satellite campuses? The commission should remember also, while taking whatever decisions they have to take, that these programmes constitute the only shot that so many Nigerian youths have at any form of tertiary education.


  1. This suspension is absolutely nonsense! The Executive Secretary and his Commission are erratic in that decision. What happens to thousands of people that already on the programmes? I agree that there is the need to check mate the institutions running part time programmes but the way and manner the NUC is doing it is wrong. For how long will they suspend the programmes? Those in the programmes, what happens if a particular course is cancelled? The existence institutions do not have enough structure to handle the full time programmes, hence the need for additional study centres. The NUC should rather intensify their efforts in establishing States offices that could help in monitoring of institutions if they found it difficult operating from Abuja. I am a product of part time product and by special grace of the Almighty, today, I have a Ph.D. If I had not approach the alternative available to me as at when attempt to enter University through JAMB failed, would I have been what I am today? On the basis of this submission and to those questions raised in the piece above, I think this suspense is ill timed and not the best solution to tackle backing half backed graduates that NUC is will to control in our universities in Nigeria. Developed countries of the world are doing part time programmes and in fact, UK type of part time programmes is that a particular course is run in a centre of the University of London and this experience span 100 years. NUC should learn from this. Thanks

  2. @Dr shina for you to be a beneficiary of part time programmes doesn’t make it right. I think what prof. Okojie was saying to large extent is very correct above 80% of our part time programmes here in nigeria is busy shit. You need to go to some center and see for yourself, some are running it like tutorial while some see it as money making venture. My own opinion on this issue is that let some center be scrap completely while those with good intention be monitor strictly. Thanks

  3. NUC’s approach to education is out-dated. Education is simpler now that we have online facilities and to limit university education in Nigeria to onsite campuses is limiting Nigerians from maximally utilizing the opportunities that new facilities and methodologies provides currently. We now have education without boundaries and walls and the leadership of NUC should recognize this.

  4. The real issue is not the part time courses offered in most Nigerian Universities but some half baked lecturers due to political interference and tribalism in getting appointment. Moreso is the growing rate of insecurity in the country, those who want to work are scared for their lives, for example a lecturer gives a student malpractice form for cheating he is threatened by students, fellow members of staff or nothing comes out of it because of the social class of such a person. Also it would be unfair to excuse the lax attitude in some of students to study. The real reasons for the down ward movement in our educational sector are not being addressed. Suspending part-time courses won’t help the situation, instead the lapses that have been seen shld be corrected and I believe it can be achieved without suspending it.

  5. NUC suspending part-time programes in universities is really uncalled for.bcos dis will cause societal maniac,leaving d youths 2 indulge in some mischevous act.

  6. I for 1 would say the NUC second should re-visit their decision as some have rightly pointed out. Some are truly money making machines while some are running a very good programme with good intentions.
    I want to also state that here in Nigeria, some universities are the major rerasons why some of us had to apply to study as a part timer. I for one had terrible experience with applying for direct entry into Obafemi Awolowo University twice. I used my ND result they denied me the admission also I went ahead completing my HND and came back but still denied me then I walked up to the school admission office to make findings and only for d rep to tell it to my face that any student from Federal Polytechnic Offa. That I should go seek admission elsewhere.

  7. part time programmes in our universities are not wrong, all arround world there is part time education, the only thing nigeria Government should do is to mornitor it and find out what they are doing, I wrote JAMB and APPTITUDE TEST so many time untill i had to pick up a part time form, when i enroll i found out that in part study you have less distraction and seroius in your study, if Nigerian Government want to make this study better, schools that want to run a part time programme MUST have seperate leturer different from that of regular as it this in Develop countries like UK etc..

  8. This is What you get when you employ a Broom to do a Vacuum Cleaner’s job! These Relics that we call our Leaders have their brains stuck in the maintenance of Steam engines! Completely incapable of learning new things!!! Can someone please tell that NUC leadership that we now live in a DIGITAL AGE!! that means intangible transference of knowledge is being achieved everyday by forward-thinking people without any physical contact at all! Mr President give us Fresh, Youthful Brains!!!

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  10. Ah hahahaha. Thanks to NUC for this decision. We will have: more thieves in the homes, more arm robbers in the streets, more suicide bombers in the towns, more terrorist in the nation. YOU BETTER THINK RIGHT.

  11. Is unfortunate that Nigeria leaders can not performs without aggitation. How can one wake up one day and beginning to bring unnecessary suggestion? Even if there is a better reason at all for the matter what the body should have done is to bring an idea for positive improvement and not to suspend. Considered this, every year over million of candidates apply for JAMB and schools have a limit of admin students, what would now happen to the rest who cannot meet up the number? forgetting that population increased yearly or how do u expect a man who already have family and want to further the field of his studies will aboundon his family and go for JAMB? I think part-time is alternative mostly for those who are not opportune to run program in campus. If NUC really have conscience, they should better apologise to masses for this unreasonable action otherwise they are introducing higher level of illiterate in country. I’m very sure if neighboring country’s had this, they will never give Nigeria praise because it is totally nonsense.

  12. I think the idea of suspending part time programmes for now is absolutely necessary because the initial objectives are being abused by some of our University Management. The programmes are rather used as sources of Internally Generated revenues leaving the students to their fate.

    Also, the lecturers are not helping matters. They no longer go to class thus making the Nigerian graduate today a half baked graduates. This whole thing is making the First Degree so so commonised.

    In all these, the idea can be corrected by giveing the Niogerian University Management close monitoring with strict conditions. Firstly, the Lecturers to be used for these part time programmes should not be thesame to take the Regular students. Secondly, the Management should condition the Lecturers to give quality education so that the students can get value for the time spent and fees paid so as to acquire this Certificate.

    Prof. Okojie can take a second look at it and device a means to control the nonsense in the part time programmes. This should not take too much time to resolve.


  13. To every1 dat has made dis discussion i say without an apology ‘God is nt happy wth u all’ why wil u just sit down comfortably in ur office just 2 destroy pples life. Plan well

  14. How can NUC be playing with people’s life, those of us in the system should be allow to finish our program,even while activities are going on in part time program NUC can plan the way and manner to restructure the part time study as it will only increase the illiterate percentage of the country if you stop part time school. Government should please think about this.


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