Peter Obi Blasts El-Rufai For Making Insulting Statements


Peter Obi

Anambra state governor, Peter Obi has stated that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai was speaking out of ignorance when the ex FCT minister asserted that Anambra State was the poorest state in the country, that it was educationally backward, lacked priorities and suffered from poor infrastructural development,

According to Obi, his administration had laid a proper foundation for the solid growth of the state from a near zero situation when he assumed office six years ago, noting that only those who had not been to the state, and who had poor knowledge of the state’s recent history could say so.

He said, “I am surprised that somebody I am not sure has been to Anambra State even as a minister comments about the state from the point of view of what I consider as pure, unadulterated ignorance.

“It is an insult to the Igbo race to openly or even remotely suggest that any part of Igbo land is the poorest in the country. This negates our resourcefulness and ingenuity as a people.

“Honestly, I do not know what propels him or what interest he is protecting. We need people to help to assess and validate what we’re doing. We’re on course and we’re doing the right things.”

“The handover of schools to their former missionary owners and the take-off grant of N6bn for their infrastructural development is a feat that was replicated in the health sector with handover of hospitals to mission schools.

el rufai

“On sports development, the state’s fortunes have been witnessing a steady rise in recent years at sports festivals due to government’s conscious sports development strategy aimed at spotting and grooming young talents to stardom.

“Our emphasis is on the youth not on adults and we’re marching towards a situation where the state will recapture its lost glory,” he said.

It would be recalled that the former Minster over the week said that “Obi has a BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1984) and enjoys the title of being the youngest Chairman of Fidelity Bank. Considering Obi’s career achievements, and the fact that he has been to the Supreme Court successfully three times to reclaim his electoral mandate, the people had high hopes that he would improve on the stellar performance of Ngige, sadly, this has not been the case, as his administration has seen increasing crime rates, infrastructure deficits, a number of strikes over minimum wage, higher tax burdens and exodus of elites, among other challenges.”

-Daily Post


  1. el-rufai is a bastard…afta stealing money as a minister of fct,he still goes around putting his nose where he is nt wanted.idiot,dnt worry one day u will pay for all d nonsense u r causing in dis country.u think dis is d north where u can incite ur illiterates against d just be rest assured that u will nt succeed.

  2. El Rufai is right. I am from Anambra State, and that is why I am sure. Things are going from bad to WORST in the state. The only good roads we have are the ones Ngige (God bless him) constructed in his brief tenure as governor. I am not an ardent fan of El Rufai, and I am not holding brief for him, but the truth be told, Peter Obi has no plans for Anambra state. You may not understand me well until you visit the state. He is still planning and making foundation for 6 whole years; so tell me, when will he start laying the blocks?

  3. i wonder since when it has become a crime to beat someone over their right to speech, El rufia has just said what he undastands about Anambra state,so peter obi should only disprove him and not to add other igbo states. after all obi and el are both politicians.

  4. El- Rufai is d biggest fool of the week… Buhh peter obi is d biggest fool of the millenium, he’s bragging over what Ngige constructed b4 leaving the office… Peter Obi is not worthy 2 b a Governor… I’m angry wit wat El-Rufai dat Anambra is the poorest, he’s very stupid 4 saying dt, he should av said dt anambra is the poorest when it comes 2 government administration. 4 yu Peter Adaobi Obi go hide inside a pit… FOOL

  5. I do read so many criticisms about the poor economics of northern states by Igbos and other tribes without being complained of by the northerners. We should learn how to tolerate one another for peacefull co-existence of our nation. A good democratic leader sees criticism as yardstick to check balance his or her performance. What is the essence of being a nation when a Hausa man can not criticize an Igbo man and vice-versa?

  6. Mr Obi, ur response really saddened me. I thought u wud hav continued reeling out ur achievements in the last 6 years but, unfortunately and disappointinlgy, u cud only talked about d taking over of properties by d missionary, and sports festival. It’s a pity, I pity d people of ur state who rightly chose d wrong man like u, to oversee d state of affairs.

  7. I served in Anambra state as a corper and had the opprotunity to go round the whole state I must say the state has a long way to go it is still very much behind the ideal status it should be based on the calibre of pple from that sate Gov Obi should not fool himself that he has done so much in fact he has done very little.there is stiLl a great amount of work to be done.El rufai said what he must have seen or reports he got from others who have seen or analysed how far the state has improved.

  8. Anytime i read all this comments how Obi is not doing anything and that Ngige did this and that, i knw am reading one of this Ngige shouters. My question to u guys is why is it that thesame day am reading this el Rufai write up, i also read that the world bank n oxford university are under studying the educational revolution in Anambra state with the view of use it as a model for developing country. We the ppl knw who to believe.

  9. Obi,so all your achievements is handover hospital,and school to missionary,you are a disgrace to Anambra state,u cant even boast of New Roads,infrastructures,just come to my state,Imo and see what is happening,we in Imo we are over excited at what we are seeing been done by:owelle,Rochas okorocha,i recommend him for Igbo president come 2015