Police arrest 7 pastors, bishops and prophets over fake deliverance

The Kogi State Police Command has paraded seven persons for allegedly posing as bishop, pastors and prophets during a revival programme in Lokoja, capital of Kogi State.

The pastors are  Bishop Bamidele Abraham of Eagle Kingdom Church, Lokoja, Pastor Chucks Ingalis Kelvin, Pastor Chinedu Okosisi and Pastor Samson Prince. Others include Osita Chukwu, Samuel Ike and Nnenanaya Anthony Ikechukwu, all from Rivers State.

Parading the suspects in Lokoja,the State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Kastina said the conmen who pretended to be pastors were apprehended while conducting ‘deliverance’ for people during a revival programme organised by one of them in Lokoja.

He said that Bishop Bamidele who is the pastor  of Eagle Kingdom church in Lokoja contacted Pastor Chuks and others from Port Harcourt, to assist him in raising money for his book launch.

He added that Chucks  who was an expert in deceiving people, came to the ancient city with his team who would act as  mermaid, deaf and dumb persons  during the revival, in order to win the sympathy of those who attend the programme.

The police boss explained that they acted upon receiving a complaint from one of the participants of the revival who was not comfortable with the manner in which the deliverance was being carried out and people were being asked to commit money  to the book launch of the host pastor, Bishop Bamidele Abraham.

In a brief interview with newsmen,’Pastor’ Chucks said that what they did was an exhibition of their talents insisting that every profession had its own way of survival.

He said that what happened was not robbery, but pure professionalism, stressing that every profession, whether police, lawyers or even journalists  had their own way of surviving.

According to him, “what I did is pure business and survival instinct”.

Osita Chukwu who posed  as a mermaid said she was promised N16, 000,even as she disclosed that  she was only given N1, 000,with assurance that she would collect the balance after the  programme.


  1. ..: What has Policemen got to do with Fake Pastors, Bishops and Rev… When they ve better things to do, Boko Haram is out there killing Young and Old peoe, Christains they ve done nothing to stop this bad people all they do is look for Fake Pastors and Bishops….. Better look for better job if u guys are nt capable of doing the job u’re employed to do… Chikena

  2. Hahaha, that’s it, that’s there true color, they present there relation.
    I personally invite all xrstans to accept Islam, don’t deceiv your selves pls.

  3. Hmm we had been telling the christain that christianity is nothing but deceiption and cheating.you better stop deceiving youselves and convert to the true and accepted relegion by God that is islam.

  4. Shamsu ibrahim go straight to d point stop condemning islam and christainity.we are serving dis same GOD.if i want to say muslims are heartless they don’t regard human.luk at what is happening in libya and even boko haram nigeria are muslims.if u want to know muslim are worst

  5. @Maina and @Shamsu Ibrahim ure nt even ashamed of ur BLOOD thirsty ISLAM? So I should becom muslim so dt I can join u in killin an inocent souls? Ure nothing but pure ANIMALS. If there are som pastor lik dt, am nt an ignorant of it bcom BIBLE hv said it dt in d end time fake pastors and prophet wil rise. So hold ur peace I as a CHRISTIAN is aware bcom nobody interpret my bible for me is only u dt one ilitrate fool lik u wl always be ur interpreter to interpret wot u hv read frm QUran. Why won’t u misbehave bcos ure a blind man bin lead by another blind fool all of u wil end up in a deep ditch.

  6. Thank you for this expose. This is what you people may be trying to do which Boko Haram would not tolerate. Exteme deciet meet extreme Jihadist. We know our limits. Why can you worship together like muslims ? Because you want be making professionally as your elders are doing along the Express-way. Don’t lump us with Boko Haram you shouild ask them where you provoke them.

  7. the police should look 4 better things to do so to justified my tax paying money, instead of fooling arround…[email protected] and @shamsu u both are entittled to ur opinnions, but its better u let people decide on the part of life…the so call Islam, is it really been practise by the costodian? both home and abroad and there is great a confusion among them today…jokes apart i can bet my last kobo, that if u go to the american embassy today, u will denied been a muslim bcos of a visa….abi i lie? Guys only Allah know is truelly serving Him.. not even u.

  8. Jesus Christ is the only person who knows if they are real or fake pastors, even the police don’t know the real pastors, so let them not judge because the creator is watching, I am not siding anybody but allow God to be the judge simple, because is in the bible touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm,

  9. that’s the reason i hate pastors. what i believe on this earth is that once you are dead, the truth must be told then. God is going to reward everybody according his/her deeds.

  10. @maina nd shamsu, tell ur prophet moha-mad to shove ur koran up his homo-dick. even if some shepherds re dupes, we re still for jesus till we die. fagots

  11. Could U̅ imagine if pastors, bishops, prophet can be Found̥ in such attitude, it implied dt ds set of boko haram those not only from islamic, it compiled of both muslim nd christen. So boko haram s nt islamic set. We realy appriciat dε̲̣̣̣ effort of policman they should keep on /od will assist them

  12. its not funny. yea, the bible has already said it.
    My advice to the police, “let them go and let God deall on them with HIS own hand.
    If the fake pastors had collected money from people, then the police can help recover the money.
    If they are going to be delt with for the act of collecting money wrongfuly from people, then let them do it.
    But God is definatly going to do something about it.

  13. Let’s nt argue,let only pray dat God open d eyes of our muslim brothers.at dis stage nobody can say Jesus is nt d way cos it is xplicitly stated in d scripture.let nt argue pls

  14. @ ovie i think u’re a fool nd u dont even what ur reliong is how can start to insult muslim and thier prophet this ignorancy of u please we shall respect one religion and another please.


  16. Life is a pair. We have day and night, light and darkness, land and waters, man and woman, rich and poor, joy and sadness. Surely, whatever has a fake means there is an original. Clap for Jesus! If police arrested fake pastors, bishops and prophets, it means d police know there are original pastors, bishops and prophets. GLORY BE TO GOD. It does not call for or warrant arguments. We’re talking about d way of God here so let’s be careful wt words that come out of our mouth bcos He judges in righteousness. PRAISE THE LORD. HALLELEUJAH!

  17. @abba, u are the biggest fool. U muslims get easily angry when a word is said abt dat ur mohammed. Since there are fake pastors, it means there are original ones. Giving in church is optional. Is it not better than ur boko haram who helps ur bloody thirsty god to kill people. Can’t u reason?

  18. Your arguements and the names your call yourselves is childish and stupid who are you to fight for God let Him fight for Himself if People act Fraudulent with His name remember (Naaman) don’t attract curses to urself whether Christian or Muslim police should rather be commended for the good job u heard the CP say it was a common man like u and i that called them those in the North should learn to do the same when they see suspicious things in their environ and lets learn to live in Peace than all these madness going on in the country.

  19. MOHA-MAD! Was a secret hommosextual,,, he used to tear pages from the koran to clean shit from his nyash, he would always beat up his wives and rape his daugthers….it was revealed he had mental problem and could not manage his anger well that’s why all he wrote about in the book he wrote called koran was how to kill anybody who does not follow his perverted teachings

  20. Nt al the people in the church are christain, some are by birth, by mouth etc. U must confess with ur mouth b4 u can be.

  21. Guyz! Who are u to fight 4 GOD? Both d HOLY BIBLE n HOLY QURA’AN stated dat GOD is Holy n shuld b feared. We shuld undstnd dat both deedz of fake delivernces n suicide bombings r all bt evil acts dat r nw, inevitably, d wayz of lyf of som set of evil doers. So pls, we here shuld undstnd n respct each odaz beliefs n stp all dis 4bidden insults. Lets act as GOD’s creations n Nigerians 4 dat matta. Tnk u all.

  22. GOD what is this nation turning into we claim to serve d same GOD bt here we ar abusing one religion may GOD av mercy on us. in dis time of adversity al we need is love and unity which d bible and quran stated explicitly so stop dis insult and turn to ur GOD 4 his intervention upon our nation.


  24. This happened at my cousin’s American church too. I recently spoke to a Nigerian who says that the “religion scam” goes beyond fake pastors. He was involved with a Catholic congregation in Nigeria who claimed to be recognized by the Vatican. The congregation fixed him up with a visa to Thailand. After he arrived in Bangkok, he met a Nigerian in Thailand who told him to check the congregation’s status with the Vatican. He found that there was no connection and then found that he’d been given the wrong type of visa and wasn’t able to get in touch with his supposed contact person. He claims that this scam happens to Nigerians often, and then they are abandoned in foreign countries. What a shame to use religion to scam and cheat people; however, a look into history shows that religion has been used for selfish and sinister reasons many times.

  25. @olatunji u are d biggest fool in dis world, all does word u said is 4rm ur bible or ur pastor tel u u better go and read ur bible very wel so u can urself thinking dat ur so cal book is just a story. U better embrace islam religious of peace and accpect quran as d book of life. And i wil advise to go and check d history of d bible ane d only quran and get ur self thinking.

  26. [email protected] but i knw that isnt ur real name
    i pray u dont face the wrath of as u have said those words against a prophet of GOD
    from the comments have seen so far u guys are all in support of ur own religion
    [email protected] nd muslims i knw u are saying tings from ur religion mentality but the true fact is only GOD KNOWS BEST AND IT IS ONLY HE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT
    as a christian or muslim just pray GOD LEADS U TO THE RIGHT PART

  27. The easiest way of making kwik money is just to rent a big parlour n turn it to church. Imagine such fake n empty headed as wel as narow minded pastorz dat are dcievin people in d nem of religion with dia myopic thinkin. Blieve me it wil b beta 4me to konvert to islam than bein in diz capitalist religion.


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