Reps blast Jonathan for trip to Brazil while Nigerians are being massacred in the North

President Jonathan’s trip to Brazil amidst bloody violence that claimed hundreds of lives in Northern Nigeria has provoked outrage from the public and attracted condemnation from the House of Representatives and Opposition Parties.

Jonathan on Monday travelled to Brazil to attend the United Nations conference on climate change, leaving behind the massacre of hundreds innocent Nigerians in kaduna and Yobe.

Opposition party ACN said Jonathan going ahead with the trip is a sign of incompetence and confused leadership.

Legislators on Wednesday said that the President’s trip to Brazil was an abdication of duty.

Members of the House of Representatives  stated this while debating a motion sponsored by Rep Yakubu Barde (PDP, Kaduna) who came under matters of urgent national importance over the Sunday bombings of three churches in Kaduna State and the reprisal attacks that followed.

The House of Representatives also said the President could have delegated the trip to Vice-President Namadi Sambo or any of his senior aides since the trip was “not special or of economic interest.”

“A trip like that could have been delegated by Mr. President so that he can stay at home to take charge of security. We know that security agencies are supposed to do their job, but we cannot afford to compromise security. If our security is compromised, it is a failure of governance.” Zakari Mohammed, the spokesman for the House said.

The members of the House of Representatives unanimously voted summoning President Jonathan to come back home from Brazil. The House resolution invited the President and the security chiefs to address the House at a closed-door session on the insecurity situation in the country.

Opposition Parties React

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) also condemned the President Jonathan for embarking on the Brazil trip while Yobe and Kaduna States when dozens of Nigerians were being killed and maimed.

“We are constrained to ask whether this President is getting quality advice from a myriad of aides surrounding him, or whether, like his benefactor, Olusegun Obasanjo, he has decided he may not even take any advice from his advisers. In other climes, the usual thing is for leaders to cancel foreign trips or rush home from such trips when their countries suffer tragedies,” the ACN said.

Senate Stands By Jonathan

The Senate said Jonathan trip was in order since he would need to honour international commitments.

Spokesman for the upper legislative chamber, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, said it was not the business of the Senate to determine whether Jonathan travelled or not since the Executive and legislature are different arms of government.


  1. Hw many security commitment has he honoured in Nigeria b4 going out 2 honour so called international commitment!!!? Our so called president is incompetent. What has climate change got 2 do wit d dyin Nigerians in d north? The senate shuld go 2 hell 4 they do not no their work. Instead of them tinkin of hw 2 impeach him they ar there backin him. That is a clear indication that they are in support of d dread sect (boko haram) if they are not members.

  2. Indeed, what jonathan did was an act of incompetence and he has succeeded in proving to united nations that he doesnt have any idea on how to run the country.How the hell can you perticipate in an international matter while you can’t even fix a country. do you think those people take you serious? know that nigeria is the only thing you have and the only place you can call home for your family, your tribe, your friends, and your fellow country men are. NO PLACE LIKE HOME. lets make it a better place.

  3. Nigeria is a good and blessed nation but it lacks good leadership. There was a time I gave an assignment on disaster to my pupils and one of the primary five pupils was visioned enough to had had identify corruption as a disaster in Nigeria. Nigeria has no president and senators, they are there for their selfish interest and ill-service. May God help helpless Nigerians to flush out monster leaders.

  4. Pointing accusing fingers toGEJ will do no good.Instead of joining hands to stop the alarming bombing by the boko aboki haram,you guys are hiding and using the boko terrorist to distabilise GEJs govt and thereby creating an atmosphere to saying that he is too weak to rule the country.nigerians are no longer blind to the reality of happenings only that we are just waiting for the right time to come so all of you will be roasted in hell.I mean all the power tasty people that are distabilizing the govt,inoder for them to come inn.the souls of those that have gone will forever hunt you people.May God bless the good people of nigeria.

  5. ….does house of rep n senate knw dia functn at all… Whether president is present or not cant dis bunch of fools do any thing?…..cos they ar d boko haram..

  6. It is a pity the way people reasons bcos of politics. If Jonathan refuses to travel, they will say it is an evidence of political instability in Nigeria and that the govt is bad. Even the international community will regard his absence as a sign that Nigeria is not safe. Bcos some disgruntled elements who for selfish political reasons decided to kill and maim the people they wanted to rule does not mean that Nigeria is boiling. Is Abuja boiling?what of Lagos, Onitsha, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt? Let them destroy their towns and villages let see where they will govern. I think it is time for the govt to show them the Federal might. Using of glove fingers should stop now and every passive member, supporter and financier should be dealt with decisively.

  7. Sarah Conor

    immigration comes to our houses break our doors and take all our belongins beat us up and do urs anyhow dey want!then the so so call ambassadors are there watchin people die and beaten up!the lowest african countries here take us to be nothing!why we knw where we are coming from!let fire of God burn down nigerian embassy here in malaysia!nigerian name smell like a rotten fish in the eyes of malaysia and other African


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