Sanusi resumes work with chieftancy regalia

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who was turbaned the Dan Majen Kano by the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, in recognition of his experience on Friday, resumed work today in his office in Abuja wearing his chieftancy garb.

The Turbaning was said to have swept the usual remembrance of the late former military Head of states-Gen Sani Abacha under carpet, as his townsmen welcomed a celebration of a man well respected, not only in his home, but also all over the country, and the world at large. He has won so many awards on his ability to transform an economy from its financial aspect like he did in Nigeria.

Definitely the celebration isn’t only a turbaning one, it is also for a life worthy of celebration.

Questions have been arising in Nigeria though, as to why he would wear such a thing to his work place, and how he was expected to work when he couldn’t even see his own hands.


  1. People should learn how to talk on critical issue that is dragging our great country down but not on issue that has no negative effect on our well being as citizen or Nigeria as a Nation.Leave the man,the cloth he’s wearing,Talk about anything the man is not doing right as Leader.Thanks

  2. The fact is our system have currupt totaly in most aspect so ppl dont tackle issue as it goes they only talk out of debate in this case so far the man is doing well,what concern any own wt his dressing.The questn is dis was its look working or the membrain so lets practise gud government and dont be decieve by the enemy of progress.May god help us.

  3. What we wear speaks volumes about our person. We dress for different purposes. We take time with our dressing to achieve a desired result. It is either to be appreciated, to attract, to entice, to intimidate, to reflect our status or simply to please ourselves. The function or place we go to also determine our mode of dressing hence dressing to social functions differs from dressing to the office or casual weekend dressing. When i look at Sanusi in that dress resuming in the Central Bank of Nigeria as a Chief Executive, the only logical reason is simply to INTIMIDATE! as no tangible work would be done in that establishment on that day by other executives other than PRAISE SINGING AND SOLIDARITY VISITS TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS’S OFFICE. There was a time in this country when receiving chieftaincy titles while in office is prohibited. His whole essence of working, his commitment, desired goals and thinking would surely be compromised by that attire he is putting on. THAT IS HIS LIFE AMBITION. HIS EDUCATION AND STATUS NOTWITHSTANDING. THIS IS A SHAME, A VERY BAD EXAMPLE FOR GOVERNMENT WORKERS AND VERY MUCH AGAINST DRESSING CODE TO THE OFFICE. I WISH NIGERIA GOODLUCK!

  4. Hmmmm Nigerians:( what is there if SLS wears wedding gown to office, were u the that have bin giving him the cloths to wear all along? I think criticism of a bad action or decision is miles apart from personal choices

  5. take it or leave it, sanusi is great. it is better we stop chasing shadow and jettison bigotry. regalia or no regalia, he has proven a worthy ambassador of the banking industry and the country; the world best central bank manager year 2011. lets ask ourselves, despite claiming to be holier than the pope, promoting western culture to the detriment of ours, what impression are we creating,of our dear country, in the minds of the whole world? lets celebrate this rare gem collectively and continue to pray for him and people like him at the helms of affairs in nigeria to succeed. above all, may almighty GOD bless my dear fatherland, nigeria.