Send Us Home or Else… – Nigerian Soldiers in Sudan

Information from the BBC African network has revealed that Nigerian soldiers serving on the UN and AU Missions in Sudan have threatened cause trouble unless they are brought home within a week.

The reason for this threat is yet to be ascertained. However, in the past, similar threats have been made as a result of money-related complaints. We hope the. We hope the same is not the case now.

This development is taking place within the context of the Boko Haram crises that keep erupting in various parts of the country. As it is right now, a good number of their colleagues in the country are very much engaged with various JTF (Joint Tax Force) activities geared towards restoring peace in the disturbed parts of the country such as the Northern states and the Niger Delta.

Nigeria has been known to play “Big Brother” role in the continent; always sending our soldiers on various peace keeping missions in other countries, while we are yet to put our own house in order. It is about time we start leading by example if we really believe we are in a position to play Big Brother to the other countries in the continent.

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