Shocker: President Jonathan uses the word ‘DAMN’ on national TV

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At a media chat yesterday, President Jonathan, while speaking about the issue raised concerning asset declaration among politicians had this to say: “Asset declaration is a matter of principle. I don’t give a damn about it!”

It is the real controversy facing Nigerians as to why our own president had to go that far in expressing himself in front of the whole nation.

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  1. What else would you expect from people that believe they are above the law? They will act anyhow they like when they know month one can touch can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey.I was against people voting him in during the last election, but they were saying he was whatnigeria needed. Well, you are stuck with him.

  2. I listened to major words that the President used yesterday on the television.Infact I personally commend Mr President for that beautiful response to those critical questions, anyway I am not surprise to hear all this comments ’cause mr President has said it all that he expected people to abuse him but sooner than later 9ja will recorgnise and appreciate his efforts and his cabinet but people will not see the good thing u do untill u make a mistake. God will help 9ja.

  3. If jonathan is a real Phd holder, I wonder how he obtained it because his action does conform to any educational experience in all ramifications. Nigeria’s biggest problem is social injustice. One of my suggestive opinions to Nigeria’s problem is an immediate declaration of state of emergency on the Nigeria’s economic, especially youth empowerment not by mere saying but by quick action.

  4. Gbenga to hell with you, he’s human not God, did obj not do worse not once nor twice on presidential chat, funny enuf u hypocrites critisizin him won’t do close or even better than his worst, of all his discussion you picked “damn”, let’s pray for our country and leaders, for better rule, and stop d can kind of opposition, u sayin buhari, he would have bEen president if he was better, and for those criticisin if you can’t chase d man away from d villa shut your mouth

  5. Who ever startd dis dicursion must be jobles. Upon al dat is hapning 2 us davs al that bothers u?. And again nigerians had better start praying 4 unity dan krak federal jokes

  6. Nice one ‘Nigerian’.
    The truth is, all we do is criticize. Ruling a country like this is very very tough. Jonathan is not sleeping n snoring. What he needs is more honest people around him. Strong people. Cos, the fact is that none of us know what is ‘really’ happening in our country n d presidency. Boko Haram is a weapon targeted at Jonathan’s Govt.
    Let’s just pray for our country and do our best in our own small way.

  7. @Nigerian,I don’t know why u singled out Gbenga,he never said Obasanjo was better. Besides,are you using Obasanjo’s lawlessness to justify what Goodluck said? Is that what we as Nigerians now do? If Mr A has killed and wasn’t arrested,then Mr B can do the same?
    @the topic,we have a lot of pressing issues to be addressed in this country and asset declaration is not even vital right now. My advice for Mr president is however simple,always remember,If Nigerians put you there,they can kick you out. Refusal to declare your assets is a pointer to the fact that you have a lot to hide

  8. @gbenga. Ur a devil. For U 2 say dat U didn’t vote for him means dat ur a terror, a hell forsaken islamic bokoharam. I wish I can set my eyes on U so I’ll show u were u [email protected]; MAY THE GOOD LORD PROTECT U,GIVE U POWER, STRENGHT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING to govern and lead this great nation well in his sight in JESUS NAME! AMEN

  9. FOOLS! Declare My Foot!
    I am Obasanjo the OTA Baboon and I endorse this message..
    Again DECLARE MY FOOT!!! Can’t you see my dried OTA farm booming on your money? Can’t you see that I have half your so called Oil blocks, the rest to my boys, until they mess up then I will take over, like Faruok want to mess with me on Subsidy, I set him up, and I’ll finish him… Who next… I am anonymous baboon, I don’t forget, and I don’t forgive???

  10. We all know it’s difficult to rule a country like Nigeria because of its peculiarities but at thesame time when you are too careful,psychologically you make so many mistake and that is the mistake our Presido made yesterday.I believe our country Nigeria will be great again,

  11. Ellah from Cross River. President jonathan, is a mesiah whether we like it or not. In a country were everybody fine fault in everything the president does, we can never move forward. All those jobless critics sending rubish comment on an issue that is not supposed to be prioritize lacks intergrity and moral virtures to manage their families because their not making comments like men with pedigry. Of all the presidents nigeria have ever had, which one is better than Gdluck?

  12. A Very responsible response by Mr president wth the media. Though no 1 is perfect but he has really proved himself beyond reasonable doubt that NIGERIA is his major priority and he his putting in his best in the smooth runnin of the government. All he needs his the support of We NIGERIANS….

  13. Its rily easy 2 knw when northerners speak.of all d comments here,d ones frm ppl dt bear northern names r d most stupid……..dumb heads,,,,,fools, if d president says ‘damn’ wts d big deal? Buhari n IBB hv issued worse statements in tym past……..rubbish, u guys are all cows.boko haram fools,kip being stupod asses,y’all will die n rot in hell

  14. One of the problems we have is that we are not thinking in the same direction.Why is it possible for US Presidents to declare their assets and Nigeria Presidents unable?Our leaders are not for the massess,but to secure financial future of their unborn generation.Solution to our problems is beyond human intervention

  15. @Nigeria, u need to get a little more schooled, Mr President abi Mr Resident behaved inappropriate he behaved like a thug to make that statement for God sake he is accountable to Nigeria and Nigerians, so he shld mind the way he conducts himself and the kind of statements he makes.
    Its very unfortunate we have this kind of militant as a president or resident which ever. Gbenga Kudos

  16. everybody can talk anyhow to president, even people way no fit control there wife or girl friend. mr president your doing good job, nigeria has spoils before you enter there.

  17. It is so unfortunate that we romance mediocrity as a nation. What is wrong is wrong no matter which part of the country you come from. We operate borrowed culture & ways but rather than improve on it, we make it worse. Mr president showed he bought his phd cause he didnt sound like one who as improved himself by his qualification. He just goofed PR wise, such a caricature way to talk to thr leaders you are leading.

  18. U poeple should stop politicising everything about Mr. President.How can we be talking of declaration of assets now,is that the most paramount thing. Ur brothers & sisters died everyday b/cos of so call boko haram & nobody talks of it.What u poeple are interested in is assets, did Mr.President never declare his assets b/4.What esle remain is when Mr President go2 toilet they debate wether his button is clean in this critical condition,anybody talks of assets declaration deserves insult.NIGERIANS use head.

  19. Majority of Nigerians are not interestd in what Mr.President says nd evn d way he speaks.What we need in ds country @ ds point z complete security of lif nd ppls property.It z shameful that for a whil now uncountabl death has bn recordd in d country of which Jonathan was unabl 2bring to an end.I wonder what he wil com bak to beg Nigerians in 2015 if at all he wil suceed.I pray dat God wil help him but d way Nigeria appears now,This regime is becomin d worst ever in Nigeria History.Pls let us giv him a chance……

  20. That the President used the word DAMN should not generate these comments.You are all guilty of the very thing you are accusing the President for.If you insult any body,you are insulting yourself. Democracy is not about abusing people.If you are given the chance to rule,how will your ruling be?Mind you and mind your words.Thank you all.

  21. What’s the fuss all about??? The word Damn is in the dictionary and it means a way of expressing anger,surprise or frustration. Anybody can use it irrespective of class or status… Please let the president be!!!

  22. The word ‘DAMN’ simply means a swear word dat people use to show/express how annoyed and disappointed they are at any given issues. Moreover, even in the law court, anyone has the right to be angry. Although, ur anger shuld not be a detriment to others. In my own candid opinion, if this is the worst mistake Mr. President has ever made, then, he had never made any mistake in his life. I thought wat Nigerians shuld have concerned themselves wit, shuld be the issue of security, mass unemployment dat have made many potential Nigerians impotent in the land of their own inheritance, food security, massive decayed of infrastructures in every nook and cranny of this nation, our educational system which is worst dan nomadic gathering and nostalgic hide and seek forktales where our leaders of 2morrow are nursed and nurtured in corruption, our economy which suffers without proper definations of where it belongs (whether deflation or inflation), the corrupt individuals especially our so-called political leaders who had no interests of the poor masses even at the extreme corner of their hearts, our judicial systems which has been killed and buried with corruption by satanic individuals…. Let me ask this question, which sector of this nation functions effectively? And we are here talking on an irrelevant issues which some people uses as a medium to insults one another. As am writing, I have no single food to eat even today how much more 2morrow. No job, no business, no anything. Just wasting for nothing in the land of my own inheritance. God forbid!!!

  23. I just read some of ur responses on the president jonas’ comment ” i dont give a damn about what nigerians say, i dont want to play into the peoples hand concerning asset declaration”. I pity your shallow level of reasoning. when are we going to rise above religion, tribes & regions on critical issues. this statement is clearly unpresidential, uncouth and only fits for the getto. He who is intrested in equity and rule of law must come with clean hands, asset declaration is an integral part of taking-over and handing-over in normal democracies. He has just justified the unprecedented level of corruption that is now the order of the day, not even the era maximum Gen. Abacha witness these magnitude of wanton stealing of public fund. Note: that somebody is of the same religion/region as you is not a guarantee he will benefit you. the servant leader we earnestly cleave to salvage this country is not here yet. God bless Nigeria. Amen!

  24. It is a pitty. Ours is an unfortunate country along unfortunate President who has no filling for the people. He is no doubt confused. They are all the same. The Buhari’s, IBBs, OBJs – educated illiterates or should I say power drunk hence have no respect for the masses – We damn them too

  25. It is good to be realistic dear fellow Nigerians but, i see no reason to nail our President in dis matter. Let everyone concentrate on his duty post while our president does his. With our prayers he will do better. And with his better performance, we will live better. PLS enough of d political ethnic & religious dichotomy-Nigeria belong to God. God bless every unbiased & patriotic citizen of this nation in Jesus name, amen.

  26. Dam…..dam……it all! this man is not doing what i voted him for and boko haram has brought something i should say it an advantage to my presido over my opinion, simply divide the egg and each yolk will belong to it shell.GOD BLESS

  27. I am not surprised, Nigerians defend their own, why? Same indeference feeling that led to the civil war, injustice! Until we Nigerians say the truth, call a spade a spade no matter who is involved, we would never see light. Why defend this man who has goofed as always! Damn!!! Come to think of it are we fools in this country, you defend the man who does not care for you just because he is from your part of the country. Some defend Buhari for being above the law and bent on rulling by force as if it is his birth right. If we practice our religion well, we should condemn evil or else it would not depart from whoever supports evil.

  28. I don’t see any broblem asking the president to declare his assets, but such declaration should be done in the right time and in a peaceful environment. Asking for such declaration at this time when the president has a lot of issues bordering him is nothing but an act of hatred, malice and suspicion. I am not against assets declaration, but should not be at this time of perplexity

  29. lets put an end to this talk, use ur head, mouth and time to pray for our dear country and her leaders. There’s hope. May allah bless us all

  30. As for me i wunt blame jonathan at all, cox he said out of frustration n vice thingx happening in his regein..some set of pple who hav plan to frustrate d gud plan he has for Nigerianx. I say it again it a FORCED WORD “DAMN”

  31. Those who questions GEJ’s Phd cannot be blamed. From all indication, president Badluck- oh sorry, president Goodluck have proven to the world that he wasn’t a serious student, during his university days. The president is a half-baked graduate. He is too dull and unintelligent to be Nigeria’s president.

  32. I do not expect any right thinking minded man or citizen of this great country to criticize our president. for God sake,won”t you be surprised if you were to be in his shoes, for ur people to ask for declaration of assets rather than how to solve the mitigating dreadful issue of boko haram. assuming Gbenga father was killed by by boko haram actions won’t he support mr president response to declaration of assets. GEJ,God be on ur side, u will succeed in trying ur best for Nigerian. Just be more careful to choose ur words as president of Nigeria.Honestly, in every aspect of speecch u are still better than our past president; be it OBJ,BUHARI, IBB,name them.

  33. A Very responsible response by Mr president wth the media. Though no 1 is perfect but he has really proved himself beyond reasonable doubt that NIGERIA is his major priority and he his putting in his best in the smooth runnin of the government. All he needs his the support of We NIGERIANS..

  34. To whom much is given, much is expected…………, it is not wrong to have certain expectations from the president, he is responsible to us as Nigerians…..and frankly, he is not living up to our expectations.

  35. In as much as assets declaration is a necessary condition for checking corruptoin,it is not a sufficient condition for checking it.After assets declaration what next? Who verifies them after one’s tenure expires? How many people have so far been prosecuted after the expiration of tenures for illegal wealth acquisition? I think it is better to do the right thing rightly rather than considering it as a formality.Although,Mr. President used an indecent language on media,it is not the crux of the matter.

  36. All this busy body people we they giv comment una go sujeee one day… Y una no leav the President alone wether una lyk em or una no lyk na him be our Presidooo…


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