TB Joshua Predicted The Dana Air Plane Crash

Prophet TB Joshua, the highly revered pastor of the Synagogue church, asked Nigerians to pray and fast, especially for those flying within Nigeria. He also asked those working at the airport to check their aircrafts well before engaging them way before the crash happened. In a video he told his church members to fast and pray for those travelling by air before the crash happened.

Pastor TB Joshua has been, for a while now, predicting a lot of happenings, and he was said to have predicted the death of the President of Malawi that happened sometime ago, and the death of a celebrity.

Nigerians have now been forced to ask questions concerning his predictions. Could paying attention to this man be a solution to sudden deaths? Could it have saved us from losing 150 Dana victims? Those are questions left for Nigerians to answer.


  1. I feel ashamed to be called a nigeian. For educated, seemingly rational people to believe the rantings of this master manipulator and self proclaimed prophet.
    “The prophet is renowned for his ability to accurately predict global events”. Shaking my head in pity and disgust. There is a big difference between “accurately” and “generalisation”. What he does is a good example of using set events that occur regularly, making pronouncements and waiting for it to occur. If he were really a man of God would it not be his duty to forewarn, go out of his church to those who don’t pay his upkeep by tithe to tell them that this specific flight was a danger?? Or are those who do not flock to the synagogue exempt from the mercies of his god??
    Why does he have seem to have the unique ability of always publishing his predictions AFTER the fact? Why do we hear his words after they happened?
    Living in luxury he is protected by the masses who near worship him and live by his inane utterances. Not so the men of God of old, who were berated and reviled, yet they warned people, spoke out till they were heard, even if they were largely ignored, persecuted, even killed!!!
    Nigerians, please open your eyes. We cannot progress as a nation until we rid ourselves of such charlatans and men who focus on themselves while leading the people astray!

  2. D man of God said he saw it or sud i say he predicted it bt if God had shown it 2him,it is 4him 2pray n ask God 4solution bt in his own case it is a case of death n more death. Let God b true n all men b liars.

  3. @asuku,dont talk like that.This statement you are making is the type that made lots of people meet the wrath of God.I dont know this man,but its nt your or my duty to say if he is from God or not.Please i beg you,dont talk about people that call themselves ministers of God.its dangerous!

  4. A prediction is meant to be specific….this will happen by so, so so or on so so so. Praying for those who travel by air does not make it a prediction of a crash. If we pray for those who travel by road, does that make it prediction? We pray to prevent bad things happening & spread such prayer points as widely as possible.
    Coming with a we predicted it AFTER it happened and no one else outside the church is aware is to me fake!!!!!

  5. @asuku as you called yourself. if you don’t turn away from your negative thought you will die like those who gone through Dana accident. prophesy come to pass if it come from God. the Senior Prophet Tb Joshua have said it about it and the nation did not recognized him or accept the workd of prophet of God. Nigeria will continued to be victim of such until they value what they have. Nigerians are run after American preachers and never know their sauce of their anointing. sit there and die ignorantly.

  6. I tink such predictions ar meant to win more people to his church. I can also predict dat 2015 will b bloody unless Nigerians pray or a serious accident will happen along Lagos-Ibadan express way! These are events dat have high probability of occurring. Why not predict dat Nigeria will have a stable power supply by next week! Alas we all know dat is NOT POSSIBLE!!

  7. Nigerians has more unpredictable and crucial events at hand more than the plane victims coming ahead,and must need more predictions to discover the hideout and ring leaders of the terrorist sect call BOKO HARAM because it will bring more catastrophes in their nation,and already the toll gate of death caused by bokos manslaughter are uncountable.Nigerian men of God should predict such things coupled with corruption in high places at the detriment of the poor mass while feasting in the state oil resources.

  8. Nigerians can be so stupid at times.Forgetting about all they should do and surrender all their hopes to unreal things.Pastor that should be concerned with winning souls for God has turned into a predictor(predicting matches,etc)why didn’t he just talk to DANA airlines direct rather predicting.Things of God are certain and not predictive.

  9. decemination of information is one of d most superior and also destructive in d world of today. me am nt saying d prophet is nt Godly. bt only God knows who is serving him. if u can foresee y cant u avert.

  10. As 4 me i wil nt judge o but he shuld just help me 2 b predictin d nxt boko haram attack…cos i dont lyk d last one dat hapen in d church lastwekend…..if we rily knw wat prediction means if am nt mistakin it means “guesing”…. I no talk say una pastor dey guess o…..we need real n clear visions so dat wen we pray it wil nt hapen (bad visions)….. I no lyk per

  11. @John. That’s a nice one.pls let’s be careful about what we say about men of God. For even if they re fake, we have little or no right at all to say rubbish about them. Remember the case of king Soul and David. Though David knew that king Soul, the “Lord’s anointed” was after his life, he couldn’t do anythin stupidity for the fear of th wrath of God. Let’s be careful pls.

  12. We need positive predictions that will better ourlives and Nigeria in general not all these negative ones that they don’t even have solutions to even after congregations fast and pray. If u know ur problems, possibly you hv d solution. We need them to see visons about d Boko Haram, their hide out and how to capture and end this bombing here n there. Solution to Nigeria problem is all we need now people!!!

  13. TB joshua is a man of God.if you don’t adhere to his prophecy that is your problem. Pls don’t condem any man of God. Boko haram is there bombing christians, your here condeming man of God,can any muslem come out and condem their imam. Check yourself

  14. please stop talking about men of God, if he gave a word, is it his duty to also repair the planes, he saw an upcoming disaster, the airlines if they were even listening should have taken caution, which ofcourse they dont even need a prophecy to put their planes intact. we always look for who to blame, ‘He didnt pray about it’ what about the carelessness of the airline. stop turning things around on pastors who saw and did the best they could. we should also not be victims of circumstance. the man who asked that plane to fly should be hanged.

  15. @asuku and yinka y and other right thinking nigerians that has observed the fact that our prophets dont prophesy,they only predict.TB joshua predicted arsenal would win the league in 2009,when it became evident that they would,but at the end,arsenal disappointed his god,they only know how to say ‘WE SAY IT COMING” but there has never been a solution whereas the true GOD that i know doesnt and never lie

  16. 4 me God will always take all Glory.he is not a blood sucker neither is he a liar or a predictator.he reveals deep and secret things for is name to b glorified and not for his servants name to be nor for we to cry blood on seeing innocent beautiful $ handsome souls wasted…he said in his word my thot 4 u ar 4 peace & nt of evil so dat all our expectatns b met and fulfild. let God of peace b d jugde of all d created here on earth and in heaven.

  17. my people perished for lack of knowledge. i appreciate the contributions so far. but i must react by referring to what my Bible tells me. THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE. many opposing views to the man of God’s prediction are not scriptural, they only live by the flesh.if you know T B JOSHUA , you will stop crucifying him. The man of God is real and all you need to investigate the spirit in you. if all of us has the spirit of God in us , we could know the truth and stop crucifying any man of God

  18. for all of you that you are been taking nuuuuuu,may God forgive every one of us.if a man of God say to you @ asuku nd @ saint that you are buying car tomorrow and you buy it,after then you drive careless and you get accident it’s the fault of man of God that prophecy for you.may God forgive them

  19. dey sy my ppl perish 4 lak of knowlge…. Evn jesus christ ws doubt a thousand times n ws crucifid, even steven ws stond 2 death for sayin d truth, u’r al ignorn his prophecy cos of hatrd, tb joshua has bin jaild several tims 4 sayn d truth, dis man is a humble man.. About d dana planecrsh, tb joshua invitd dem of d prophecy, bt dey ignrd hs invitatn cos of hatred.. Rememba God’s watchn, n Nig is experecn a lt of prblms n chaos cos we ar against Gods savant… Change ur ways n Ng wil b a beta place…Be warnd.

  20. Una dey mad….. If wettin prophecy happen… Una go talk say him be prophet of doom… If e no happn una go talk say him b fake…Nigs neva appreciats gud things…

  21. asaku y cant just c the truth and bliv it for once ,do not judge,GOD HAS A REASON FOR MUST THINGS,IF THERE WAS A SOLUTION I BELIEVE PROPHET T.B JOSHUA WLL NEVA HIDE IT

  22. How can you blame the man of God? What was his fault. He has always predicted things accurately. He saw it clearly. Why would someone say it’s not clear. The problem is with Nigerians. They are used to taking a man of God of his status for granted. He asked us to pray and fast but how many of us did that. He has given us the solution. He has always given the solution to any negative prophecies like that. He talked about plane crashed in 2009 and it was averted. Nobody should say what they don’t know. We need to take this man of God serious. He has no blame whatsoever. He has also predicted positive things. What about the football match between Chelsea and Bayern. He predicted that Chelsea would win and it happened. Is that not positive. In Jeremiah’s time, he used to prophesied about the negative so much that the people didn’t understand him. We love hearing it’s well, go ahead, nothing will happen instead of not overriding the voice of the Spirit of God. If the voice of the Spirit says you should not do something and you ignore it and did that thing using faith, it will land you into trouble. Faith is acting on the word of God and the voice of the Spirit. It’s only when what you hear contradicts the word of God that you lay it aside. Men of God have different gifts. God has given this man of God the gift of prophecy and his prophecy has always come through. We should not deceive ourselves. We should not be sentimental. So please let us act when we are to act. The Airline operators also would not wish to kill people like like. Of course, there may be faults on their part but this is not the time to blame anybody. The investigation will determine what happened or who was responsible. What has happened has happened. Let us now get closer to God and pray the more. Let us forsake any evil ways we might be following as an individual and as a nation so that we will not open the door to Satan. Those people that died where not worse sinners. Some where good people. Even pastors purchased and washed by the blood of Jesus were there. Righteous people were inside the plane. When i say righteous people, i don’t mean by their own righteousness. I mean they have been made righteous by God. It’s a gift. Here, they died in a plane crash. Only God knows why they were involved. I can’t pinpoint any reason for that. Only God knows everything. May their families have the grace to bear the loss and may God restore double unto them the way He did for Job. May we not hear such a calamity again. God bless

  23. I pray may God forgive us all our iniquity. The man of God prophesize about what God told him. If God say yes who can say no? Dis man said it and it happened like that LAST YEAR GENERAL ELECTION. Dont ever blame d man of God. May God help us

  24. Please let us be careful on attack of a man of God.Why do we insult this man whose predictions have always come to pass and foreigners from all over the globe visit him all for manners of spiritual help?No doubt,a God sent does not have honour in his own country.But to be sure this a true man of God,though,I have not worshipped in his churchthe signs are obvious to show he is one.

  25. Since he is always predicting he should now be known as Predictor. Tb Joshua. You all his defenders should go and sit down,the guy is a fake. Come and slap me bunch of mugus.

  26. T.B Joshua’s predictions are more and accurate more than any of the holy scriptures, was worried but remembered my Lord Jesus said ” we shall do greater tyns”. If all powers are from God then who am I to question?.

  27. I can imagine that all those who are talking against the prophet don’t watch the LIVE shows on Sundays when the Man of God prophesies giving details of time and space. They should watch the live shows or go on to the websiite and watch the prophesies. THey did follow the finals of the African Nations Cupto get the live predictions?
    It is said in the Bible that God does not do anything without revealing it to his prophets. Why do we refuse to believe our prophet?

  28. with this kind of prophet ( whether diviner or seer) ve u guys studied d bible and lives of God’s prophet in the bible they were prophet to the nations, now we ve all thes seers yes no 1 can say specificaly wat God is saying corncerning boko haram when and where they will strike, Elishia was always informing the king of the agenda of the assyrian army, sm of this so call prophet re just doing their master’s will, most re ocultic who subscribe to the power of the devil to see visions they dnt ve solutions for, you can nt get sm tin frm d devil to help d church of God, sm of them needs the blood of these victims for their annual or monthly sacrifies. if u ve the ability to see my bank account, my village, my grand pa’ name, y nt see tins like d sponsor of boko aram the waay forward of the country. they re just hustlers, looking for fools to play. My dear Godd is real xtiianity is real these re simply agent of satan working to destroy the credibility of the church

  29. @apostle david i dnt knw weda u re a pastor or 1 of those prophets who re always apostle, let me give u this assaignment go back and study ur bible very well, study the lives of the apostles of Jesus, look @tthe story of bar-jesus, the little girl that followed paull for days, then u will knw how to coment oon predictions any way is preditions not prophecy, the num of pple in hhis congragations is enough to pray N avert d so called preditions,

  30. Prophet ? Prophets dont brag. Y is dis guy braggin? Sayin he saw dis n said dat. Anywaes only God knows buh he is nt my prophet n he will never be. I’ll just watch n listen.


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