UNILAG to MAU: Pat Utomi expects Jonathan to reverse decision

Pat Utomi
  • His intention is wrong —Pat Utomi

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the renaming of the University of Lagos, UNILAG to Moshood Abiola University, MAU, following President Goodluck Jonathan’s democracy speech that the school will no longer be called UNILAG.

Nigerians especially the school authorities, ASUU members, academic and non academic staff,  students and alumnus members have condemned the renaming of school saying that it will no longer be business as usual.

Reasons for their condemnation also include that the renaming of  the school is capable of reducing the reputation of the institution adding the school which has not only survived by creating a brand name for itself even in the global world but it has been able to compete with other international institutions.

One of the people who have condemned the development is Prof. Pat Utomi. In his reaction, he said, if president Jonathan will truly want to immortalise late chief Moshood Abiola, it should have been tailored towards his outstanding achievement which is more pronounced in politics and business world.

His word: “My reaction is simple. There is no problem in honouring Abiola which many of us have been craving for a longtime. But, I think it should have followed a due process. It is not very wise to rename an institution that has been built for a longtime and sacrifice it at the altar of political exigencies. The cost of reputation that will disappear should be considered.

“If the president wants to name a prestigious university after Abiola, I think, the federal university of agriculture, Abeokuta  should be considered. I think it is not a wise decision. The result of his intention has been negative.”

He opined that the development will not only reduce the school’s reputation but is capable of making  many people lose connection. The brand image of UNILAG which also is the reputation.

Asked if the renaming of the school is not capable of boosting the reputation of the school, he said, “I don’t think his larger than life  image is associated with education. If  it is the business department of the institution that he has renamed, that will speak volume, but I expect the president to change his mind and reverse the name which is the wise step to take.”

-Vanguard NG


  1. From the emerging effects of GEJ’s decision to rename UNILAG to Moshood Abiola University Lagos, it shows stakeholders like University Allumni Association, the Governing Council, National Unuversities Commission and the Senate/House of Rep’s committees on Education, etc were not carried along. I agree with Pat Utomi’s analysis completely. My problem now is with well known stiff nature of Nigerian politicians at changing decisions found unpopular. I can find only Abiola’s family being ones that have aplauded the renaming action! What is the way out now? Let us watch GEJ, the Minister of Education & the National Assembly hand yet this another imbroglio too soon on the ttrail of many other crisis facing the country.

  2. Pat Utomi doesnt knw dat he will make decisions if he becomes a presidnt one day. Y is UNAAB prefarable to him? Watz d big deal in changing UNILAG. Afterall its a fedral institution and d presidnt does wat pleases him and wat he thinks pleases his ppl. As 4 me, i ve seen nothing wrong in dat. let Pat waits for his.

  3. kerajos, may u be far from democracy. How can u use d word ‘what pleases him’. Pls wake up! U ppl cry for a change & still nt expect it. He’s elected my dear & he took d oath. What makes u think he did it with d best of intensions? Aso rock, abuja stadium r all thr for renaming. Tnx

  4. There is nothing wrong in naming Aso-rock to Mushood Abiola Aso-rock. Rubbish, y wil he wake up & rename an institution just like that. u pple should grow up cos we re in a democratic nation & he has no right to take decision on his own cos we elected him & he must listen 2 d voice of d pple. NONSENSE & STUPID GOVERNMENT.

  5. @ Lizzy; the choice of UNAAB s opined by is not bad has opined by Prof. Pat Utomi. That what was first came to my mind after critical analysis of JONATHAN’ss DECISION. UNILAG remains UNILAG, forever and ever (AMEN)