We Pay Fine, You Get Poor GSM Services!

Certain Nigerian GSM service providers were recently reported to have paid the fine slammed upon them by the NCC. However, most GSM users in the country have been complaining bitterly about the poor services they have been getting from these service providers within the past few weeks.

When the news came that these telecommunication companies would be made to pay fines, some thought that the fines would actually be paid in form of credits to their mobile phones, since they were being fined because of the poor services they had been rendering to Nigerians!

Not only did Nigerians get it wrong there, it seems the customers are the ones paying the fines indirectly as a result of the poor telecommunication services they have been subjected to from the service providers. We heard the fines have been paid by some service providers. But they have not repented of their sins. In fact, as if with deliberate impunity, their poor services have gotten worse with no one coming up with explanations.

It is now commonplace for companies operating in Nigeria – whether foreign, local or multinationals – to show no respect for our government agencies. Please, who is watching our backs for us?



  1. Those who are suppose to watch our back are stupidly embezzling the country’s wealth, people like Faruq and co. Its a pity, I guess these buzuals are taken Nigerian masses for granted and too far.
    They need to be brought in other, cos the level of their greed has gotten out of hand at the expense of the masses.


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