We will lose N50m daily to suspension — Dana Air

The management of DANA air has stated that the airline would incur a daily loss of N50million as a result of the federal government’s suspension of the airlines operational license.

DANA air Director of Flight Operations, Capt. Oscar Wilson, made this known at a joint press conference by the Dana Group and Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON).

It held as events continue to unfold after an MD 83 aircraft in the Dana fleet crashed into a residential area in Iju-Ishaga on the outskirts of Lagos.

All the 153 persons on board the aircraft which was heading for the Lagos airport from Abuja, died in the crash which also claimed the lives of some people on the ground.

Wilson said that the airline would be losing 2,000 passengers and N50 million daily due to the suspension of its operations in the wake of the crash.

According to him, the loss would amount to N1.5 billion in one month.

The Director reaffirmed that the airline’s insurer, Lloyds of London, was capable of paying the families of the crash victims N30,000 US dollars (N4.6 million) within the first 30 days of the accident.

Wilson appealed to commentators and the public to stop speculating in the media about the causes of the crash.

“There have been many speculations from aviation experts on the crash. They said that the aircraft lost its two engines but it is when the result of the investigations come out that we will know the true position of things,” he said.

The Secretary of AON, Capt Mohammed Joji, said that the purpose of accident investigation was not to punish people but to find a way to prevent a repeat of mistakes that could have caused mishaps.

He explained that aircraft were made and flown by man and the human error element in the cause of accidents was about 75 per cent.

Joji said that the airline business was capital intensive globally, and urged the Nigerian government to give concessions to airline operators and assist in bailing out those in difficult situations.

“The economy here is very good, that is why we have 24 foreign airlines operating in the country,” he said.


  1. We are talking of innocent and precious lives of men, women and children lost in the Dana Air crash, Mr. Director of Dana flight Operations is busy and courageously talking about the amount of money the airline is losing based on the suspension of their operational license.
    This goes all the way to show that, Dana Air management and its investors were just interested in maximizing their profits and never bothered to maintain their air crafts, there by risking the lives of Nigerians in the name of business.
    May God save us from the hands of these greedy bastards who do everything within their reach to enrich themselves.

  2. Mr wilson d diretor, i dont knw wht type of human being u’re 4 God sake. Life is lost and u’re shamfully talking about lost. Are u a child? How i wish u’re in that plane 4ur family 2 feel wht others are going trul. Dont talk again. Bcos,it show u knw that the plane ws bad. The law wil cach up wit u,allah.

  3. The board and management of DANA AIR should actually be remanded in detention/prison for roasting over 160 innocent citizens and residents of Nigeria, not adding salt to injury. If they continue to be talking non sense then BOKO HARAM onslaught will just be right for them. Watch it.

  4. Mr director Wilson, may God save your soul. Your statement shows that there is no remorse or repentance in you guys. Are you people animals without any sence? Some families lost as many as 9 people,some 3 people, some 2, a whole family of husband, wife and four kids perished and you are lamenting about loses. Do you wish to endanger more lives before correcting your errors? Don’t just say anything if you don’t know what to say. You should be praying to God to forgive you ang your entire organization for this slaying!

  5. if that is the case, why didnt you send your air-crafts for regular and proper maintenance ?
    God will pay you in this same coin.
    Definitely the souls of the crash will haunt you for these comments of yours.
    I forgive you.

  6. The management of Dana Air should go fly the Indian airspace if the indefinite withdrawal of their liscence is a punishment too difficult to bear. How dare they count their losses in Naira when affected families are yet to come to terms with their losses of human lives.
    Its high time punishment be meted out to persons who truly deserve them.