When Your Dream Isn’t Enough To Feed You

Sometimes, you dream of the moment when you can boldly say ‘I made it!’ Those moments come when we least expect them. So, how do we stay alive while working for our dreams to come true?

Here are a few tips to help you-

*Work in companies that identify with your dreams. Place yourself in environments that remind you of your dreams. You can work, get paid and work towards your dream. It might be a gradual process but the bigger picture will keep you motivated. If you want to be a writer, work with publishing companies.

*Take up part time jobs. There are several companies online who have made this opportunities available. A part time job gives you the time you need for your dreams. Online writing companies such as Information Nigeria and several others are good options.

*Engage yourself in a trade. Sell make-up products, food stuff, magazines or anything.
Orekelewa, and Mud make-up lines are available in Nigeria. Thisday, True Love or Genevieve magazines are constantly looking for vendors.

*Try offering home service products. You could be a masseuse, hairdresser, caterer etc. This allows you to work out your schedule as you like.

You need to survive while building that fragile dream so make use of these tips to help you eat, live and dream. Money is essential to your dream, so work for it!

Damilare Kuku


  1. Thanks for your write-ups. Your write-up sounds like one who doesn’t live in Nigeria. I can’t attack you for that. Is it in Nigeria that one can choose a place to work? Come and see Geologist who are secondary school teachers. Man-know-man is what gives u a job in Nigeria. Our political and economic system needs complete overhaul. Nigeria is a place where what remains is complete revolution and bloodshed. I can’t wait for that time to come.


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