Why President Jonathan wept at the site that took so many lives

A lot has been said about the Nigerian’s present grim situation after the death of over 153 people in the crash that happened yesterday. But the latest of them all is the picture of the President of the country shedding tears that has caused much more than an uproar as to why he had to cry, when he is meant to be the one to initiate processes to heal the country of its present illness. Questions asked have been ‘why would a President be caught crying?’ ‘Why wasn’t there any team to rescue injured people 4hours into the incident?’Why is everything going so wrong in this country?’ The President actually could not help his own present emotional upheaval as at the time he took to crying, but Nigerians believe that he should seriously consider crying everyday for the lost lives in both small and gigantic accidents that occurs in Nigeria as a product of bad governance.



  1. Gys,pls give the man a break.He is human and nothing is wrong with one weeping.Next you will ask to know if he farts too.
    If Abacha were to be here today,I’m sure none of us would even so much as conceal the idea of evenin coughing when he says a word.s

  2. The president is a human being, even if he lacks governance tactics and wisdom. I don’t see anything wrong in him crying. Anyone can cry, the fact that he is the president doesn’t mean he can not cry. Different people with different emotions. In such scenario emotions can never be hidden. My prayer is that the president should do the right thing and that this particular emotional feeling that made him cry should catalyze a positive change. People shouldn’t make it a habit to criticise whatever he does whether wrong or right. I know if he had not cried some people will still say he should have cried.

  3. Criticizing our president is what Nigerians lean new, which we has brainwash from northern people, let me ask you people question, is good luck is the one who is pilot? You people should know who to blaming in this kind of issue, please let support this current government because they are our leader and he will rule till 2015, GOD bless federal republic of Nigeria; in unity we stand.

  4. @samuel well said bro. it’s true dat d leaders are not doing their best enough, because if they do, we ought to be singing a new song by now in Nigeria. Nevertheless, just as we have a leadership problem, so we have followership mental disorder. why criticising, causing, abusing, the president at every slightest mishap. please lets support them with our prayers & let GOD intervane. NIGERIANS DESIST FROM THE SUCIDAL ACT OF SLAYING THE LEADERS WITH OUR WORDS.

  5. The problem with our country is not just our leaders, it is US! We are bad from the root. No matter who rules us it will be the same until Nigerians make a conscious effort to change us. Our first response to anything is a fabricated lie. We cut corners, give bribe in quote tips, even the man that is paid to opens the gate to a public building will say “find me something” no dignity in honest labour. An aeroplane is bad and the staff know it but will say that one na management business as long as I get my salary I no go talk, being selfish, not willing to sacrifice salary over your fellow citizens life. We teach our children to lie, cheat and steal everyday in our homes when we tell them to lie to someone on our behalf, pay someone a little extra to secure their admission or show up at work very late and leave early stealing the business hours. Who are we? Very bad people from the root. Its not just the leaders its US the citizens. We are dishonest in nature until we believe in our own lies.

  6. I don’t blame those who run their mouth at Goodluck Our president. it is never their fault because Goodluck is soft minded. Assuming it is Buhari, would u ever say anything? i have always said that Nigerians needs a hard hardened ruler or even a military regime. These gossip and stupid talks about Jonathan is really getting me upset. I wish i have my way to shut dirty mouths up. if Jonathan no rule, na your papa go rule just wait for the worst wen those you will fear rules.

    Oh God forgive us our trespasses and deliver us from all evil Amen. This should be our daily prayers not the other way round.

  7. Al d best. Nigeria need 2 wake 4rm criticism and approch every chalenges with courage and think on hw 2 make gud out of bad. Use ur brain 2 think what wil make d country gud. Every one should check his/her lyf and see hw honest u are. If we did not change and gv our lye 2 Jesus christ, d problem wil be aggrevating. Dis is not am pastor or any title u may cal urself read psalm 51 and know dat we hv al sin and come short of God’s glory. Dis is d glory we need now cus we complain, cry, abuse even kil but al 2 no improvement. GREAT NIGERIA let make sometins out of noting. May God giv us understanding and wisdom 2 do wel in any place we find ourselves. Keep kul and be bless

  8. Nigerians should how to constructively criticize,especially, our leaders. We must remember that the President is not the NCAA boss nor a DANA airline chairman. He can’t possibly be everywhere or head every sector of the economy. The best he could do at a time like this is to investigate into the cause of the crash and forestall future similar occurrence. However, if we desire good leadership as a country, we must be ready to be excellent followers and discard our acts of slander!

  9. one of the reasons we have problems in Nigeria today is because we have to many critics….from the news above it says the rescue party didn’t get to the crash site until 4hrs after the crash…to my understanding the rescue team was at the site a little over one hour after the crash.. and what else do u expect Jonathan to do…do there and leave with smiles on his face…an sure if he kept a straight face u guys will still criticize him and say why didn’t he show his emotions..

  10. Mr Sam n Jones. U r among d bad eggs we have in dis country. U criticize everything d president does like u r some perfect genius. I bet you that if u were to b in d president shoes, u would do worst.pls stop running your mouths n seak for a better way to help the country.pray for your president.

  11. You see, most people that are commenting here do not think. Is the president not a human being? does He not have feelings? some guys just wake up and open their loud mouth to talk and their twisted fingers to type whatever they like. The problem with this country is the structure and polity and not a particular individual. Is Jonathan the minister of aviation? is Jonathan FAAN. In the time of OBJ people shouted he is a thief, some call him all sorts of name, but today these same people are singing his praises. I say all those of you loud mouthed and twisted fingered people that criticize everything has nothing to offer to this country. In fact power cannot get to the hands of people like you.

  12. BAD GOVErnANCE? HOW? Gush planes hav olwaz crashed in nigera,the aviaion idustry whhee men like rochas made their money has been rusty.its highh time we all get the fact dat it aint all bout Gej.its about ever sector being ready to make a change.sanctions should be melted out to thhose foreign firms that run the airlines.its damn annoyin n if u ve lost sum1 lk gamblin sumbody has to be held responsible and at a 2nd tot wot would be achieved afterwards.I grieve wit d families who lost not d governmet.n dnt forget onnathhan is nott thhe govenment.