Boko Haram: Yakasai’s “Fool at 60” Tag on Mark… Could He Be Right?

During the opening of a three-day retreat for Senators in Uyo, the Akwa-Ibom State capital, Senator David Mark was reported to have said that Nigeria may break up if the killings and destruction perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect were not checked.

In response to this, the veteran politician, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, rebuked the Senate President, saying it is in fact such a statement that can break the country or instigate religious war. In his words: “for a man who is occupying the number three position in Nigeria, this is a reckless statement, ill-conceived, childish and immature. As a retired General in any country… one would have expected that there should be enough maturity from that person. There is a saying that a fool at 40 is a fool forever. If a man who has reached the age of 60 and above will speak like a fool…”

Alhaji Yakasai’s explanation: “The Boko Haram insurgency is only affecting 18 of the over 700 local government areas in Nigeria. I can say 700 are free from these disturbances”.

The ball is in the court of you Nigerians; what do you think is more capable of breaking the country? David Mark’s comment on the activities of the Boko Haram sect, or the very activities of the sect?


  1. You truth is bitter, but only the truth will us. Yakassi belong to the old generation who are afraid of their shadows. To answer his question directly, THE ACTIVITIES OF THE SECT IS ILL MOTIVATED AND CAPABLE OF BREAKING THE NATION. Only 18 local govts are affected he said, HOW MANY LIVES AND PROPERTY HAVE BEEN LOST?????. It is high time we faced the reality. Why are we afraid of break up when it is obvious we are completely different in all aspects.

  2. You know truth is bitter, but only the truth will save us. Yakassi belong to the old generation who are afraid of their shadows. To answer his question directly, THE ACTIVITIES OF THE SECT IS ILL MOTIVATED AND CAPABLE OF BREAKING THE NATION. Only 18 local govts are affected he said, HOW MANY LIVES AND PROPERTY HAVE BEEN LOST?????. It is high time we faced the reality. Why are we afraid of break up when it is obvious we are completely different in all aspects.

  3. It’s also said that an elder who stays at home nd things get wrong is likely nt to b so. Senator Yakasai,wat do u expect my senate president to say. I can bet u dat u northerner’s re aware of those islamic stupid people called boko haram

  4. I strongly believe that this man is one of the sect(Boko Haram) sponsors. A saying for u ” the wages of sin is death”. I know that tne prayers of the geniue christain in Nigeria is heard, and God will vindicate Nigeria

  5. Yakasai has by his statement demonstrated his support for Boko Haram. He clearly told those who are not dead to language that Boko Haram need to do more by rerence to Boko Haram’s coverage therefore they need to do more! Let it be known to you sir, that what affects one LGA affect all shall we wait until the entire nation is taken over by his “boys” before they re called to order? He must appologize to the president of the senate and the senate for its leader a FOOL! By his re-action he has shown his support for the break up of Nigeria.

  6. Hnnnnm!!! i hope Yakassia know what he is talking about, lives and properties is been wasted and this man is busy cracking his head calculating how many local govt has been affected, must the senate president wait untill the evil cover all other local gpovt of the country? before he check them? help me ask this man where are his children,has he lost anyone to bh menance AGBAYA, IKA, GOD WILL JUDGE YOU ACCORDINGLY just imagine? My senate president talk to them well well oo before they cause more confusion.

  7. David mark once upon a time called a country leader a fool because he said Nigeria should divide. Who is the fool now? Mark or gadafi? Mark is an author of violence and corruption in Nigeria, he should be well assure that nemesis will catch up with him one day but not too far. Who voted for him if not violent rigging? Nigerians will continue to suffer if people like mark are still in power. The beginning of his plight is when he will contest for presidency. Is it not the president he wants to become why he is vomiting rubbish from his mouth? Let watch and see. This is a man who called a state governor an area boy, who called a country president a fool, who condemned Nigerians as poor people who cannot afford to use gsm and public fund looter. Who is boko haram if not PDP government?

  8. Thier is no foolish politician in nigeria oder than buhari.Buhari who opens his rotened mouth and said he will drink his hausas blood is d 1foolish person so far.So u stupid yakasai should have thinked very well befor debating what mark said.U notanas always claims to b nigeria while u are all illitrates.Boko should continue and lets see who will loose atlast.Foolish malus.

  9. This is to all of you who are the sponsors of boko haram in Nigeria may your live become haram to human existence,may your light become darkness,may the hand of God heavy on all of you,may you and your generation never see peace. all the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah shall fall on you and your families. may God troubles you as you have trouble Nigeria, the sorrow and tribulations you caused nigeria families shall be visited upon you and you generation.To you Nigeria evil men wiil never rule u again AMEN.

  10. President David Mark, you know what is good for Nigerians so why not do it before the entire nation is been eradicated out and been disingreated to asher. Don’t listen to Yakassi words, he is saying that because he’s family are not in Nigerian and due to that he is a partaker of this great ugly disasters happening in our Great Nation. “For How Long Shall The Giant Of African Move Naked In The Midst Of His Followers”. Mr. Presidents you people should listen to the cry of the masses, do you want more lifes and properties to be taking away and their owners should start crying before you will come to their rescue. Is this the way Nigeria will meet the excpetation of MGO’s, Ecowas and O.A.U in the year 2015 and 2020 ? What a disgrace, David Mark should split the Country into two and let peace reign.

  11. When boko Haram started was it not from one village and now 18 L. G. A’s. A fool is one who can never be rational like yakasai, why is he afraid of the truth, it is this truth that we are runing away from that is why we are failing. All we need in nigeria are truthful leaders like David Mark. Yakasai we are going to break-up whether u like it or not.

  12. i can now see that Nigerian’s are tribalism people due to most people’s comment North’westh’South’and Easth.and with this atittude can’t be one Nation-truth is bitter as for me i am in support,endolse of our snate president DAVId Mark .for Yakassai he should try not to cover the truth

  13. Yes, the truth is bitter. Nigeria should split. Nigeria should divide. North and South. Its obvious muslims dont like christians with all their bombings. So what are together for? America broke away from Britain many years ago. Look at how great they are today.

  14. No, the Senate President is wrong, no matter what happened a person of his status should not come out and make such a statement. even though he has it in mind, publicising comments like this will instigate corrupt minds to deepened themselves into bad conduct. Please let our leaders learn to speak positive and express positive.

  15. Baba Yankassai is fast going senile. The entire Nigerians are affected one way or another and he sits somewhere on Hadejia road to blab. Mark was damn right. Nigeria is at the verge of beak up, whilst so called elder statemen like Yankasai watches on. Yankasai is only afraid that this cake called nija is about been burnt. Since they do do not want to lose this cake Senator Mark,s statement is the truth all the Yankassai,s of this world is afraid to hear. TRUTH IS THAT YANKASAI CANNOT PROVE THAT HE IS FROM THE NORTH?

  16. Injustice is the problem of the country called Nigeria. That led to the Nigerian Civil War. The blood of innocent Biafrans is tormenting Nigeria and they will never no peace until they atone for their atrocities. I am surprised that people just comment based on religious dichotomy; not facing reality. The truth should be told that Nigeria is heading to the rocks and should be told as is, even on the roof tops from whoever. Anybody denying the fact is devil in human form. The biggest fool is that person that sees the truth and refuses to shout it for all to hear. David Mard is right this time around.

  17. It is clear that yakassai is one of the sponsors of boko haram. Very soon you will tell God what you have done here on earth with your satanic boys. Whether you like it or not the country nigeria will breakup very soon, your boys have started the process, they will soon start fuelling their cars with fura and nono, with tuwo da miya kuka da karkashi and kashi tanko yakassai

  18. All those who have posted comment against Yakassai are only been sentimental in one way or the other.It is very unfortunate that people of constituted authority who have every means of solving a problem at their disposal will come out in the open and uttered words capable of igniting the existing flame instead of quenching it.How much effort has he made to curb the situation apart of shifting blame on this or that? Who the senate president thinks will come and solve the problem for us? Or is he expecting God to come down from heaven to solve the problem for us? If he has nothing good to say let him remain silent or beging to think of positive ways of solving problems