10 Lady Gaga outfit the world still wonders about

To a lot of Nigerians this is just another lady that can go beyond moral boundaries, but the world seem to see her in a better light.

lady gaga

Gold neck brace? Check. Matching eye mask? Check. Picture on every single paper and web site the day after she wore this Phantom of the Opera themed outfit? Check.

For every fan that was grossed out by her over-the-top rendition of “Paparazzi” at the MTV Music Awards there was someone ready to bid for remnants of that red liquid on eBay.

Lady Gaga stole the “Most Elaborate Bra” award from Madonna when she wore an S&M-like leotard that shot fireworks (yes, literally) out of her spiked nipples at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

If you look up “pantless” in the fashion dictionary, we’re pretty sure you’ll see a pic of Lady Gaga showing off her legs in some insanely elaborate leotard, like this butterfly-inspired sequin number

OK, first the blood, now an outfit made out of horse bones. Something tells us Halloween is Lady Gaga’s favorite holiday.

When she wore a full-length red lace dress, mask, and matching crown—to accept her MTV Music Award for Best New Artist, it looked like her career wasn’t the only thing on fire. We just wonder how she managed to drink and eat wearing that face thing.

Some celebs like to match their hair to their dress. Lady Gaga, however, likes to use someone else’s hair to create an outfit that matches hers.

At the Grammy awards she took her label as an “artist” to a new level by wearing a celestial-inspired dress that looks like it could be an art installation at a museum.

We love the song, but her seeing her in outrageous outfits— like this sequin dress draped in chains— is the reason we watch her “Telephone” video over and over.

In the world of Gaga this is dressing down— but even in a Snuggie-like gown she still manages to show off her smoking hot bod.




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