30 Die From Tanker Explosion In River State

At least thirty people have lost their lives while five others were rescued as more tankers exploded today at Abuloma waterside and Rumuokehi around Eneka area of Rivers state this morning.

The thirty people who were burnt to death and the five rescued alive were trapped in the vessel that caught fire at the Abuloma water front.

NEMA advance teams are moving to the Abuloma scene while fire fighters are battling that of Rumuokehi already.
Officials of NEMA’s information department are asking for help from the fire service and multi-national companies around Abuloma for urgent assistance to battle that fire.
At Rumuokehi, a total of three tankers were seen still in flames while one had been successfully put out by men of the fire service.
A source told Daily Trust that the tankers were set ablaze by men of the JTF because they were being used by bunkerers.
Efforts are still being made to contact the JTF spokesman to get confirmation about their involvement.
However, FRSC’s sector commander in Rivers state Kayode Olagunja said this about the Abuloma fire; ” An oil vessel, around 9:45am, caught fire and exploded at the Abuloma water front, Trans Amadi in Port Harcourt.
“Fire is still restricted to the water area. FRSC, NEMA, Police and other rescue agencies are on ground. Casualty figures are yet unknown.”


  1. Oh my God! Save your children frm untimely death. Look at people dt wokeup healthy this mornin just got burnt like dt. No one knows what wil hapen next in this country. Pls God Almighty have mercy on us your children and stop this constant death in nigeria

  2. Wen did JTF start takin laws into der hands. Even if d tankres were 4 bunkerers y shud dey set it ablaze. C it has caused greata harm dan gud, innocent lives has gone bcos of der foolish acts. They nid 2 b held responsible. God hep us all n’ d narion @ large. Amen

  3. Last 2wks tanker da was conveling petrol kill up to 191 yestday anoder tanker has bin set ablaze n 30 ppls hav lost der Life. GOD wat is hapinin we al kws endtime is approchn near bt GOD hav mercy on us let us nt b dying lyk rats.


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