Afghan Suicide Bomber at Wedding: Member of Parliament, at least 20 Others Die

A well-known Afghan politician and at least 20 other people have been killed in a suicide attack in the northern province of Samangan, in Afghanistan while attending his daughter’s wedding. The politician, who is a member of parliament is known as Ahmad Khan Samangani and had been attending a wedding party for his daughter in Aybak, the provincial capital, when the blast happened.

The lone suicide bomber attacker, who was posing as a guest, had even greeted Mr Samangani before detonating his explosives, a witness said. The attacker had on a vest which was probably filled with explosives authorities had said.

A police spokesman, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, has revealed that the blast injured 40 others. Meanwhile, fatalities also included the provincial head of the Afghan intelligence service, officials said. “There has been no claim of responsibility so far,” Ahmadzai also said. “We suspect it is the Taliban who are enemies of Afghanistan.”

Northern Afghanistan is relatively peaceful compared to the east and south of the country, where militant attacks are frequent. However, the Taliban have denied carrying out the attack.



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