Bank Using Internet Services Illegally, Manager Arrested

The bank manager of a first generation bank in Akure, Ondo State, was over the weekend arrested by the National Communication Commission (NCC) over the use of unauthorized internet facility.

The officials of the NCC have since shut down the unauthorised internet link of the main branch of the bank. And this has resulted in long queues on the bank premises and at their ATM machines.

Head of the NCC team which carried out the operation Mr. Efosa Idehen, while speaking newsmen after the arrest and shutting down of the internet said the internet link being used by the bank was not licensed for it. According to him, “If the bank wants to use the link, it should approach NCC for license instead of tapping into it without clearance from the Federal Government.”

This, action by the bank, says Idehen, has denied the government necessary revenue from the sales of the band. He however noted that “it might not be the fault of the bank for flouting the rule; they should, however, find out from their internet provider before they use any band.” Idehen then concluded that the NCC had been to 23 states where banks or financial institutions that violated the regulation of the Federal Government were either shut down or have their operations disrupted