BBA stargame update:Jannette Did some Poses For Keagan

Jannette was said to have shot for her usual target Keagan with her sexy advances, after she got into her Hawaiian dress.

Keagan was perplexed at Jannette’s sudden burst into character; posing as Miss July on a Cape Town calendar showing a bit of neck, squinting her eyes.

He tried brushing small princess off but she wouldn’t take that and she quickly changed her pose and gave him another offer. “What if I’d pose like Kim Kardashian and show some leg and I’m Miss September Cape Town because you were born in September?” she pestered.

Keagan simply opted to say a short prayer; “rid me of all my morals and values and I’d want to hit that.”
Well, Keagan was lucky enough to be saved by the bell – Biggie’s voice!