Bishop Oyedepo Speaks On Boko Haram And Warns Nigeria Of Imminent Break-Up

Chancellor Covenant University (CU), Otta, Ogun State, Dr. David Oyedepo, has called for a complete overhaul of the nation’s security system against those he called ‘religious bigots’ scheming to Islamise Nigeria through repeated attacks on churches.

Oyedepo also urged the Federal Government to be more committed to the insecurity problem, failure of which he noted, may lead to disintegration.

“I want to believe that what we have on our hands today is an islamisiation agenda being propagated and sponsored by some religious bigots who are poised for war, and if government does not decisively stem down this tide, Nigeria may cease to be a nation.”

In his address themed: Towards the rescue of a nation on the brink of collapse: Necessity for a new generation of thinkers, delivered at the seventh convocation of CU at the university premises yesterday, Oyedepo said consistent attacks by the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram (Western education is forbidden) leaves much suspicion in its trail. He noted that if Boko Haram members are agitating for their rights as they claim, government institutions rather that churches should have been their targets.

“Now let us think: If Boko Haram, as claimed by some of their symphatisers, is fighting the government for its rights, the question is, is it the church that is depriving them of such rights? If the bombs in the north are just reactions to class oppression or poverty in the nation, why are mosques exempted from bombs?

He continued: “Did the militants in the South South, during their struggle, ever attacked worshippers in the mosque on Fridays? A lot of political hypocrisy must be going on here.

“Are there no Muslins in the West, South and East of Nigeria? Why are they not shooting at people in churches who gather for worship? Why are they not throwing bombs at Christians? I believe some individuals are simply without any other mission other than breaking Nigeria.”

He said insecurity today remains the nation’s greatest albatross, dwarfing other national malaise like poverty, corruption, unemployment, among others.

Oyedepol lamented that the Boko Haram phenomenon has cost the nation huge human, economic and financial loss, which the World Investment Report put at N1.33 trillion in foreign direct investment (FDI). He said despite huge unemployment in the country, the few existing institutions and organisations are relocating to neigbouring countries like Ghana because such companies consider security as key to their continued existence.

Oyedepo further cited the case of wars in some African countries such as Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Congo, Ethiopia and the ongoing Malian uprising, juxtaposing the causes and durations of such wars with the level of human loss and victims displaced.

The above examples, the cleric stressed, are enough to provoke Africa, nay Nigeria, to a new realm of thinking, noting that the black continent is yet to learn the fact that war does no one any good.

Oyedepo described those perpetrating the atrocities as selfish, self-centered with low self-esteem who fail to think about the consequences of their action.

‘The question now is, when would Africa start to learn her lessons? In spite of the gruesome data captured in this speech, Malians are still killing themselves today. It is not what we hear through lessons but thinking through what we hear. It is no what we see that equals lesson learnt but thinking through what we see. This is what I believe is the problem of Africa-inability to draw lessons from the things we see, hear and observe and even experience.”

Advocating a ‘stop and think’ approach to the nation’s malaise, Oyedepo further added: “The greatest challenge to Africa’s development is the underdeveloped minds of Africans. He (African) therefore becomes cheap as pawns in the chessboard of their benefactors. The mind of the Nigerian should be transformed into new mind that can dream new Nigeria into existence; minds that can resist indoctrination of evil.”

Dr Oyedepo called on well-meaning Nigerians, the academia to join in the clarion call for an end to violence and also help the perverted towards a new re-orientation.

“Until we solve the security problems, we may not solve the economic problems. If you kill for the sake of conversion, can that dead man be convertible? Rather, you have lost a God-like asset for your nation and lost an opportunity to live a better life.


  1. I think God is delivering the church in Nigeria into the hands of their enemies by allowing the boko haram attacks to succeed.For too long we have carried on worshipping the wrong thing and in the wrong way.pastors like Oyedepo and his sorts have refused to preach righteousness and salvation but instead choose to preach prosperity which guarantees them a full church and as a result a full offering basket which they use to enrich themselves.As a matter of fact they need to call what we have here a new name like pastor worship for example and not christianity because its not christianity at all.I wish the members of your church could wear righteousness and love the way they wear your church stickers and slogans on their houses and cars the nation wpuld be a lot nicer to live in.preachers like you promote money worship and the love of wealth and riches and fanciness and show off and material prosperity and trust me a society with that kind of mentality tends to end up as we are.beefing up security in Nigeria is ok but its only tantamount to fighting the symptoms;the real solution lies with trying to mould a society that can turn out Good leaders and believe me religious leaders like your self and parents have a very great role to play in doing this.Promote the right kind of mentality and all else will fall into place.promote hardwork.promote pride in honest labour.promote thankfulness for little blessing.infact promote all those things we used to know the church to promote before this prosperity preaching madness caught up with love is the root of all evil;if we succeed in tackling Boko haram as long as we think the way we do something worse will surely eventually materialise.

  2. Hey you! Point of correction, it is Bishop not pastor! Go and tell the pastor of your church what to preach and stop running your dirty mouth where its not your business! And one more thing stay out of judging pastors, you didn’t call them and you weren’t there when they said they were called!

  3. Good speech my Bishop,and for you blabbing nonsense,you need to attend one of our service soon,for ur information,salvation is d key aim of winners family,that why after every service there is always an alter call for dedication or re_dedication of lif
    e to God…so pls next time get your fact right…I think you shoud pray for forgiveness tho cos you don’t have the right to condemn a man of God,even if not Bishop far as he or she is paraded as a man of God,you are not to judge…God bless you,God bless nigeria….Sola Olas!

  4. Nico Gravity, or Gravity Nico
    what is ur business with that? there are some many churches that
    don’t preach prosperity or churches that don’t even collect offering join them
    u are not force or ask to listen to him, or attend his church,Since u have identify ur calling to be a judge keep judging,
    try to study the Good book very well u will see what the Good book say about his prophet leave them to God only,don’t mind ur Nico gravity stuff.

  5. Not all who call themselves Pastors and Bishops will enter God’s kingdom,the Bible already said it,”many shall come in my name,they shall come in sheep clothings,but inwardly they are ravening wolves,so to all who oppose and support, it is not our duty to judge or support,only God knows,if you need answers,then pray to God in heaven,and he’ll surely reveal to you the unknown. God bless us all

  6. Firstly, I want to thank Nico fro ‘Constructive Analysis’ of what has been written.

    The rest of you simply display the sort of insecurity of faith many people of all religions suffer when they are ignorant. Is Nico not right to comment on the dangers of ‘Lust from Money’, a message directly or indirectly perpetuated by the churches Nico refers to?

    Now on the article. It might be intentional, but the Bishop seems to display a superficial understanding of the problems facing Nigeria. I think its unfortunate he has centered his thesis around ‘Islam’ and not ‘Power’.

    He does acknowledge, “Are there no Muslins in the West, South and East of Nigeria? Why are they not shooting at people in churches who gather for worship? Why are they not throwing bombs at Christians?” So why then does he insist the problem is Islam or Islamisation, however you sugar-coat it, the connotation is the same.

    He is right, Nigeria cannot continue to exist is its current form. there are inherent contradiction in our political set up. We have too many officials bank rolled by the state, but not enough representation. There isn’t much plurality which means a wide enough spectrum of views and opinions are not being voiced through any medium, we see the same names and faces with the same views and opinions year in -year out.

    And the biggest indictment of Nigeria’s structural set up is our poor Education sector. It’s no excuse, but it extremely easy to be lead astray when people lack basic education, it’s not enough to conclude that the North don’t want to be educated (hence Boko-Haram) there needs to be grassroots exercises to determine why education deemed incompatible and adress the issue. This isn’t a problem of Islam as the Bishop suggests, Libya, a country rulled by dictatorship for close to 5 decades, a majority Muslim populated country has a 97.7 literacy rate. Nigeria a democracy, with give or take a 50/50 split between the main religions has a 66.6 literacy rate. Its doesn’t take a statistician to tell you our problem are less superficial that religious differences.

    I’ll finish off by praying for all the brothers and sisters facing weekly persecution, there can be no excuse for it, and everyone is accountable to God. There are no straight forward answers, To try and simply them into a few sentences would be foolish and irresponsible. For now what those being persecuted need is security. But the long term solution requires and overhaul of the whole system. Obviously discussions will be needed to achieve results successfully, but the time for talking alone is over. On a wider context, Politics is about People, and the People have been neglected way too long.

    May Nigeria live long.

  7. See what christians like u are doing here,i wouder if a boko haram,see this he will b happy,u guys are nt trying,lets think better as d man of God said.

  8. I think the first poster commented rather unwise in his reaction to this news. He is part of those that needs a rethink as described. Oyedepo here is speaking as an academician, not as a priest. He has allowed his bias to cloud his judgement at seeing the real truth in what should unite every non-fanatical Nigerians, and indeed, all Christians.

  9. BOKO HARAM is evil and is bound to be destroyed completely. The operatives, supporters, sponsors and those celebrating the killing of Christians will also be destroyed shortly. I am ashamed at the comments being posted. Freedom of speech can make a man to write against the anointed, but cannot save him from the impending destruction. We have seen many of the likes of Nico and Paxman run to church for help. note that when you sin against the Holy Spirit, you are judged already. Repent and be saved.

  10. Nico gravity u’r fooooooooooooooooooool! U need mind reprogramin……d message d bishop jst deliver is 4 people lik u idiot caward……

  11. The isue of boko haram today in nigeria is serve as end of the world.because their mission or aim is to fight christain.while we have been told that at end of time we will be hate by people but you child of god be watchful

  12. Neco is right, he does nt condemn Bishop Oyedepo, he said what i think is the main reason why God allow the menace of this dreaded Islamic sect as 4 now. Christians nowadays are oversleeping, an ordinary Christian can pray and God wil stop their attacks on churches, bt why wil our merciful God permit al this attacks,allow al this innocent blood 2 be shade, all bcus we including (i) hav forsaken who we are. The Israel of was always woken up by philistine of old, likewise God want 2 wake up Christians that THIS IS END TIME return back 2 yr God. Then wit a single Angel God wil destroy BOKO HARAM and their sponsors frm the north Nigeria and outsides thanks.


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