Boko Haram: Jonathan under Pressure from US as a Nigerian Embassy Gets Threat Email

President Goodluck Jonathan is coming under intense pressure, especially from the Unitted States, concerning the threat posed by the dreaded Boko Haram sect. President Jonathan will be expected to take firmer steps towards ensuring security of lives and property in the country.

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is said to have asked for a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan early next month, when she will be visiting Abuja. And, Informed US sources have disclosed that the menace of Boko Haram is one of the issues that, the secretary of state is looking to discourse personally with President Jonathan.

This development is coming about the same time as indications emerged that the religious sect had issued fresh threats to a Nigerian High Commission in an undisclosed Southern African country. The sect is threatening to attack if the authorities failed to comply with demands which are not clearly stated. The threat was made via an email sent to the High Commission.

Information has it that the High Commission has since “transmitted” the matter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria and that officials “are taking the threat very seriously,” by observing safety and security measures. The email was said to have made some vague reference to certain “compensation” without which the sect promised that what happened to some media houses in Nigeria would befall the Commission.


  1. We shall fold our arms as events unfold. Now that the US govt is about taking a practical step to join the Nigerian govt in the fight against this insurgency, I hope a wind of change and relief would blow across the entire country. May God help us.

  2. Authomatically any thing America is a fail project Americans are after oil producing nations they invaded iraq,libya,afgan no good result no changes please leave us alone.

  3. The worst mistake is going to be experienced, if only Nigeria will allow America intrude into our privacy… “They’re traitors & will definately betray us.” We’re going to experience a 2nd colonisation epoch! … Hmmm! To all Nigerians, remember that “if u make experience ur best teacher, u may die learning” Sorry 2 say, in dis situation, we can’t share our problems with a country like “America”… “The reason for this tumoil, is known by few, yet many suffer”. Someday! We shall rejoice in victory.. Amen. Long Live Nigeria!

  4. We are already in a bad situation.Could anything really be worse.So many have been killed (even innocent women & children)and it continues.When will it end.How then do we solve the problem?.Or does it mean our Govt doesn’t want to or cannot handle the matter.Well now even America is threatened.If the threat is carried out who know what next will happen.May God save Nigeria.

  5. it will be a catarstrophy if d Government should alow d so caled us to interven in dis matter of Boko haram d government dont need a prophet to tell her dis so called american mean nothing good for any nation most especially nigeria d will only make things worse pls d government should think twice before taking any decition with d American govt. GoD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA


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