Brave Kaduna Youths Use Bare Hands And Stones To Capture Suspected Terrorists

Scene of a recent bomb blast in Kaduna

Courageous youths in Rigasa, the volatile community in Kaduna State, this morning chased and captured two gunmen who allegedly specialize in killing security operatives and traditional rulers in the area.

One of the youths involved called the New York office of SaharaReporters with the story, which was then confirmed by a senior security operative.

The source in Rigasa said, “The three of them came with guns to kill one of our Hakimi and he ran. In trying to shoot him, they killed one of our brothers. We then mobilized ourselves and started chasing them with stones.

They were on a [motorbike] and we were following them up to Hayin Danmani and finally when their bullets finished we got them and wanted to kill but soldiers refused. But one of them escaped.

He described them as “very small” boys, and said, “From today we have vowed that we will not allow terrorists to continue denting our image [in Rigasa]. If not for the soldiers we will have killed them and burned them. Two guns AK 47 and some arms were [recovered] from the terrorists.”

The source added that about ten persons that sustained gun wounds were taken to a military hospital in Kaduna.

-Sahara Reporters


  1. If not so,it would have been that all hausas are bokoharam.Or still this way cos they came to kill hausa leader hakimi for that matter that’s y they even made sure they got them(idiots terorist).
    Which tribe are they still a crtain or didn’t they change thier name this time? Anyway thank God the capture was successful.We need more captures,May God help us all.

  2. @hotman, why r u so sentimental nd tribalistic. Instead of a nice kudos to d youth u r here debunkin dia act wth ur concocted fabricatns. If u cn’t gush out anytin useful, why not keep mute. U and ur likes r the problems of dis nation. Fool!

  3. @ hotman….u must be sick…what in GOD,S name will the muslim community do to make pple like u realize we have nothing to do with bokoharam….tcheeww

  4. Arise O’ compatriot Nigeria call obey, to serve our fatherland, with love and strenth and faith…… Dat’s wat youth of (Rigasa) Kaduna demonstrated we pround of you keep it up, by doing so, we serve our country. Thank you so much may ALLAH bless u.


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