D’Banj publicly disgraced

After spending so much time in the UK, it was said that D’Banj made a surprise appearance at the Industry night On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, and as expected fans were said to have been thrilled seeing their boy once again.

As reported, D’Banj was said to have mounted the stage and said in a loud voice, “who is better than me? This he was said to have asked severally until he was embarrased by fans who shouted, ‘Don Jazzy’.
It was confirmed that  D’Banj disgracefully left the stage after that scenario. What could we really call this whole scene and display by the fans?


  1. It’s funny how all d banj fans are arrogant and shallow minded as dbanj. I like some of his songs… but for him to think he’s the best.. he’s on a long thing. Never will he be the best, either as a man or as artist/producer. Even 2baba no de claim best…. so which one be dbanj own? Don J is better than him in many ways so also are a host or Nigerians in the entertainment industry. My advice to dbanj is that he quietly takes the back seat b4 he gets kicked off the bus.

  2. @Chux,u don”t sit in ur home and listen to wotever bullish that is pasted abt these artists.This post is totally false and D”banj did in no way ask such a question.get ur facts right as well and don”t hurriedly call ppl names whether D”banj or his fans.More importantly,D”banj truly doesn”t need ur advice.He has a fantastic mum who has always been advicing him from Day 1 and has been the brain behind his success.How the hell is Don J better than him if i may ask?Don J and D”banj have 2 different occupations so u don”t sit there and compare in such a silly manner.They are both great at wot they do.Understood???

  3. if ur own fans can tell u d@t someone is better than u and it happen to be ur greatest enemy, tell how u will feel? D’banj is fool for asking such a question. 2 baba never claim to be the best despite holding the tag right now.

  4. I see ntin to admire in dbanj or wtsoevr. He jst too Egoistic. I hate pple dat ‘er proud of ’emselves rada dan allowing others talk gooood of ’em. Any dat’s his choice!

  5. what ever u pipu say about dbanj it mean nothing dbanj is tope of d word i love him and don jazzy since dbanj is out of group did there make any good music dbanj is the pila of that group forget the guy is good donj do nothing so stop dat robiss

  6. befor mo hit group alway produce music any how dat is when d baba is there even don j miss dbanj well well but is not easy u see that time hvry body talk about dem love dem now dat d baba is out no body hear about det is only dbanj where is d prince ty is only w boy after that w guy no body el so what are u talking they only want tu grat enemy for dat guy don.t may dem mumu

  7. Don jazzy made dbanj to be popular today. If he had been with donjay, I don’t think he would be publicly abashed by any idiotic person. He deserves it anyways….. Kpele sha!



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