EDO ELECTIONS: I Am Disappointed in Jega —Adams Oshiomhole

The Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole on Saturday said that he is disappointed in both the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and the electoral body for failing in their responsibility to conduct a free poll in the state.

The governor warned that there will be trouble if the true winner of the election is not declared.

Mr Oshiomhole who disclosed this during an interview with journalists at the Iyamho primary school, Iyamho, Etsako West Local Government Area said there can be no winner when the people are not allowed to vote.


“They plan not to bring out the voting materials on time and as we speak in Oredo Local government area, Benin City and Egor local government area, the heart of Benin City materials have not gotten to majority of the polling booths after 11 am and at the New Era college, upper mission road, they brought fake voters register different from the one the people registered,” he said.

“If accreditation is to stop by 12pm and by 11am, it is after 11am now, there are no materials in some polling booths, it then means Professor Atahiru Jega and INEC have no plans to conduct election. The whole idea is to frustrate the people so that they will not be able to vote, and they will declare a fake result.

“Professor Jega and INEC have been an embarrassment to the nation. I am in shock with all the arrangements they have made sensitizing the people, and I told them, INEC need to be sensitized. INEC is the weakest link in the Nigeria democratic chain. I have no faith in what INEC is doing in Benin City.

“This is designed for where majority of the people are denied the right to vote and this time around I have told them this country either decides on whether to move on or move back, I see sponsored editorials saying whatever happens we will go to court, but today we have to sort out the issues once and for all,” Mr Oshiomhole said.

The governor further said he would hold the INEC Chairman responsible for the failure of the election and for disenfranchising the people as INEC has connived with the Peoples Democratic Party to involve in scientific rigging.

“They planned it and executed it this way. It is a shame that they have programmed this to embarrass the Nigeria nation. If INEC do not allow the people to vote and they pronounce the winner there will be trouble.

“Fifty five percent of voters are in Edo South and forty percent in Benin City, and they think they can deprive the people the opportunity to vote.

“Professor Jega has failed because I wrote a petition that they are buying voters card. We will all go to court before God. They know that if it is two people remaining they will not vote for them”

PDP says Oshiomhole is scared of defect

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described Mr Oshiomhole’s condemnation of the governorship election in Edo, while the accreditation process was still on, as hasty.

The Director of Publicity of the PDP in Edo State, Okharedia Ihimekpen accused the governor of frantically attempting to destroy the integrity of the election.

Mr Ihimekpen said that the governor has seen the writing on the wall and is trying to raise the alarm in order to rationalize his eventual defeat at the poll.

The PDP is also said that the governor has suddenly realized that “the security and the electoral body are insisting on accreditation of voters whose names are in the voter registers in line with the one man, one vote mantra.”

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  1. I don’t tink dat Oshiomhole is scared of defect because a man wit good faith never fear dearth. what he has don for his people will always spike for him. I don’t tink dat Edo people need PDP government for NWN

  2. ☑ if na die let dem die, Oshio Baba don win, our country need change dem call ham (transformation). No more fixing & imposing candidates 4 us. Oshio Baba, carry go No shaken. Jega or no jega our prayers Baba God don answer ram congratuluviah our comrade governor.

  3. Must some1 impose himself to serve. They are all criminals. Both CAN, PDP, CPC, APGA, LP, ANPP. Y are they killing themselfs to serve this nation? Is serving this nation their inheritance? GOD PUNISH THEM ALL IN JESUS NAME! AMEN! If Oshomole lost to another person then let him let it be for that office is not his father’s house.

  4. If INEC fails us today to conduct a credible election then we hav no trust on them again,am sayin this because enough logistics should hav been placed before now. Nigeria is really corrupt and am very much concern wit what the system is turning into.

  5. Jega has faild d nation @ large. No mata wat de did we all knw dat d pple of edo nids comrade bak 4 d gud wol he has don. I m not suprised coz corruption has eaten deep in to dis nation n’ i tink jega n’ inec as whole needs 2 b sensitize.

  6. Weda gud or bad comerad is d winer bc gud tin is worth to b embrencd. D problem wit pdp is dat dey refus to undastand d fat dat we are in a democracy and we are nt practicing a unitery or one party system of gvt. Our dere presidnt shuld talk to jega n co nw to quench d fire b4 it wil excalate. Let d upright man lead his people. Atleast i am proud of him bc he provd dat he and peter obi is d human activist of our time and God wil gurd dem. Comerad ALUTA CONTINU.

  7. People of edo state i only pray let all the gud things ur governor av don so far should not be a trick 4 him to enter second tenour,let it be for real,for my state governor av prove us wrong beyound our noble doubt.

  8. nawaoh 4 u Adam Oshiomole r u d onli 1 tu rule Edo State? If oda’s Governor rules as ur rulin nw wl u b chance tu com intu power d pple of Edo state says den dnt wnt u again dat u shuld go n rest ha.

  9. Osho baba u ar too much. I congratulate ur effort, and a big tanx 2 d people of Edo State. Bt pls don’t increase AAU sch fees especially part time cos i struggle 2 pay sch fees myself.

  10. Let the PDP and all of their corrupt agents go and wrath in hell.they dont have good intention for Edo state and generally,the nigerian people.even the blind will sense it to be(rigged)if PDP happens to win the eletion,cos everywhere you go is OSHOMOLE s name that is been heard.OSHOMOLE,please let not your heart be troubled cos these evil genius under the unbrella of PDP are working towards their doom.All these years after independece, the nigerian people are still been deprived of their right to chose and of good life.somebody need to stand up and fight otherwise the devil will definitely come makes its headquarter in nigeria,inorder to recruit more wicked people against the end-time.may God bless and liberate nigeria soon and also the good people of edo state and OSHOMOLE who loves his people.Soon the evil men in edo state will soon be executed eg TONY ANES.


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