EXPOSED: Kenyan Pastor BUSTED For Hiring Prostitutes To Give Testimony In Church

A shocking alliance between a popular televangelist in Nairobi and sex workers has been uncovered. The Nation TV in Kenya has uncovered a scam in which thousands of worshipers are duped by a pastor who claims to perform miracles on the sick and needy.

Their compelling investigation has exposed the scandal in which the pastor, Apostle Njoroge of the Fire of the Holy Spirit Ministries International, uses sex workers to pose as sick people who are then supposedly healed to convince worshipers to continue pouring their hard-earned cash into that ministry.

In this video, NTV’s Ferdinand Omondi takes you to the underworld where preachers and sex workers speak the same language. The sex workers opened up about their business with the Pastor, stating exactly how much he paid them for each testimony appearance


  1. These are end time churches the Bible talked about and the miracle seekers always fall the victim. Corruptn hav infitrated d church where Pastor see money looters as member and refuse to tell them d truth but collectin money from them to improve the ministry. God punish them. NOTE- THIS IS END TIME.