”Find A New Person To Hate”… Goldie Replies Her Critics

Nigeria’s representative, SUSAN OLUWABIMPE aka. Goldie Harvey who was sent packing from the 2012 Big Brother stargame has replied her critics.

The reply was said to have been delivered via her twitter handle also and reactions have been flying around over it. Goldie was literarily sent packing as she could not get the votes required to keep her there, and everyone has been on the say that her reactions may be coming from that angle. This is what her reaction read:

“Haters are funny, that’s why we say, ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’. All these haters just take the game too seriously. Now their life is over as they have to find a new person to hate.”


  1. Goldie is so shallow minded, Kudos to Kennis music for portraying her as what she’s not, However the BBA platform revealed Goldie for who she is- a big emotional mess. Its sad that the first thing that will come out of her after the shameful performance and eviction is this trash! voice is ZERO, IQ is ZERO, Human Relations is ZERO! muschew. My advice, just run to the studio and come up wt something to appease naija, u fake gaga! lol

  2. Instead for you to be attentive to the rapture you have awaken, you said’ Let my Obscure poatcher kill the deer he has ambushed,who is the ambushed!! and who is the poatcher..you loose Baby Gul..remember you’r making a history and this will never exclude in your story..life lines up in a broken mirror..though its a game but, you dont REPRESENT WELL…