French Bride Gives Birth at Wedding, Says ‘I Do’ in Labor

It is really nothing else to say than Better late than never for one bride’s baby, who was a little late for the wedding but 8 days early out of the womb.

This incident happened to a French bride who woke up feeling a little more than unwell just hours before her wedding was set to begin. For better or worse, the determined bride continued on anyhow and proceeded to walk the aisle. The wedding apparently ran a bit late, but the happy couple was able to make it past the “I Dos.”

Not long after, however, during an unforgettable picture-perfect memory, the bride dashed out of a planned photo shoot. Unsuspecting wedding participants were left in suspense about what had occurred, but not for long. It was soon discovered that the bride was actually in labor.

Within minutes, a crying newborn alerted the whole company of wedding guests that the bride had given birth.

The newborn arrived just in time to catch the reception but all events had to be postponed. An ambulance arrived and carried the bride and her newborn baby to the hospital to ensure their health. It was later confirmed that both bride and baby were doing just fine. The child had arrived eight days ahead of schedule.

For many, it was a prime demonstration of why the weddings generally happen at least a bit sooner than the pregnancy. One user stated that the baby had still arrived in time.

“And this is why you shouldn’t get pregnant before you are married,” Susan stated on the Daily Mail blog.

“At least the baby was born on the right side of the wedding ceremony, so all’s well that ends well,” Stephen countered.

At some traditional French weddings rice or wheat is thrown as a symbol of prosperity or fertility. On the bright side of things, at least the fertility category was covered.


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