Goldie Apologizes To Nigerians

Nigerian Singer, Goldie Harvey, has apologised to Nigerians who felt disappointed over her uncontrolled emotions while representing the country at the ongoing Big Brother StarGame in South Africa.

In a chat with P.M.NEWS at a special media session yesterday at Protea Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Goldie said she was sorry if Nigerians had seen another character different from the usual Goldie that thrill them as an entertainer.

“I want to tell Nigerians that I am so sorry. I am human just like everyone. I am an extremely emotional person. Everybody has two sides. What we entertainers represent on stage is different from who we are off stage. And I didn’t go into the Big Brother StarGame with any strategy. I went in there as an individual and just to be my real self. And that’s what Africa saw. I didn’t go into that house as Goldie, the performer, I was in there as Susan. Fortunately, my teeming fans got to see the human side of me and not the woman they see on stage,” she stressed.

Goldie insists that she was her true self from the beginning of the show till last Sunday when she was evicted.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am brought up to be loyal and be truthful to everyone. I am not the type that plot or play schism. So, when I.K. showed me the nomination last Sunday, the discovery was shocking and my knees went weak. Every other guy had like 8, 6 and 5 nominations, but I had just two. And I was the one to leave. I felt betrayed when I discovered one of the persons that nominated me for eviction,” Goldie told P.M.NEWS.

On her 70-day run in the house, Goldie explained that she was overwhelmed by the positive lessons she learned about other African cultures. She said whatever people might say, she is convinced that she represented Nigeria well in the house as she showed to the rest of Africa that rare qualities of Nigerians.

“Nigerians are loving, caring and religious people. We have high moral standards. And all these qualities I tried to exhibit while in the Big Brother house,” she stated.

After an impressive 70-day run, Goldie, Nigeria’s last representative at the ongoing reality TV show, was booted out of the show on Sunday night. Nigeria had won the show on three consecutive occasions—Kevin Pam in 2009, Uti Nwachukwu in 2010 and Karen Igho in 2011.

After an impressive run and unexpected voluntary exit of other two Nigerian representatives, Ola and Chris, from this year’s show, a lot was expected from Goldie, as the only Nigerian left in the show. But on the contrary, many Nigerians vent their anger on her as she was seen to be on the hunt for love than the $300,000 prize at stake and honour for her father land.

On her tumultuous relationship with fellow housemate, Prezzo, The Kennis Music recording diva said the Kenyan-born rapper told her that he has been separated from his wife for two years now.

She added that she didn’t regret giving her heart to the Kenyan because she saw in him as a gentle person and he seemed to be intelligent.

“You had about 50 cameras to watch you but I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw. But when I heard everything he had said, I was sad, but I realise that he went into the house to play a game. I have learnt my lesson and I am stronger for it,” the singer said

Source: PM News


  1. That’s ur bussiness goldie africa sent U̶̲̥̅̊ out because U̶̲̥̅̊ went to †ђξ house to search for love not to represent ur country.but some forgive U̶̲̥̅̊ cus they felt U̶̲̥̅̊ have never been loved †ђξ little U̶̲̥̅̊ saw U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t wait to embrace.U̶̲̥̅̊ just disGRACED URSELF

  2. Dats rubbish on her side joor, who send her to go dey love wen others are there cos of money and to make dia country proud, how did she win d space in da first place………….msheeewwww

  3. My girl!,u are still not sorry all what u are trying 2 do is salvage ur image u have stupidly destroyed becos of dat ojuelegba tout!….n what religious example did u show in d house?did u ever conduct a prayer session when u where dia or did u even wait on d Lord at all(dats if u knw what I mean at all)…..see Karen sef wey no fit speak beta english behave pass u……’He told me he was seperated 4rm his wife of 2 yrs’……U get head at all?.

  4. Goldie or wot is dat ur name? Were u there in search of a boyfriend? 4 God’s sake u displayed the exemplary role of a typical prostitute in d house. Hw can u just fell in luv with a house mate just bcos of d trash he 2ld u? It simply means dat nigerian girls r cheap n dat they lack something in their upstairs. Shame on u!

  5. dat na rubbish talk leaving his wife 4 2 yrs con mean make u eat d one way remain!,shame onye kenya erie gi oru n’isi Dull girl or beta stil milf seeker

  6. Shut up useless girl, you are a total big disgrace to niger. did you go there for “Love” you nominated kettia first for your ugly prezzo, Why the fuck were u being dramatic when he did the same to you???? Psyco Goldie,,,mshweeeeee

  7. Sorry for herself and her shit heart…Medicine after death…..she should keep her stupid sorry to herself…A disgrace to the Nigerian people.

  8. At least she apologised,whether u accept it or not,she doesnt loose anything,n who are u to judge?The bba house its a small space,anything is possible,when u a in there u also use the platform for many things,not only or necessarily to represent the country.if u win the money,is not for the country.

  9. Sorry guys dat wasn’t love it was more of desperation inshort I stopd watchin when zainab left goldie pls and pls nigerians r caring religious and so on but u were only focused on one persn as thou u were actin out ur song of collecting someones husband well if u must knw u r desperate stupid and razz and very fake

  10. Goldie never ever trust men to that level, you just meet Prezzo now you are wiping his nose we are not sure whether you were also wiping his ass

  11. Goldie, just shut up! You’re so pathetic!
    Don’t preach “Nigerianess” to us cos we
    Know it better than you ever care!
    Pretender! You are not a caring person at all;
    You were only desperately after a man who
    didn’t want you! You betrayed Barbz; you
    put Kietta up and started forming “holier than
    thou” when he put you up. Shameless girl.
    I hope kennis music have the good sense
    to drop your sorry ass from their label cos
    you are not worth it at all. Vomitting and
    crying all over the place. You didn’t so any
    dis-service; you only sold your self short!
    You need to go for psychiatric eveluation
    there’s somethinh wrong with you. Wackie,
    sickie, Goldie!

  12. U shud av done dis b4 referring 2 nigerians as haters,saying they shud find som1 else 2 hate now dat u r no longer in d house.Well,it’s gud as u’v apologised now,hope ur fans wil 4giv ya

  13. You said that Nigerian’s are loving people but why do you only love Prezzo more that other house mates, why do you hate Lady May if you claim to be a lovable person. I think because you have money that is why you don’t care about $300,000. had it been that you are poor like Uti and Karen before going to the house,you will know that love without money is rubbish. Goldie you are a bad representative, I think you are used to stay with man always that is why you cannot hold your ass in the house.

  14. Gildie….thats your personal problem… should forgive yourself and recouncile with your creator…I watch you having fun there in the House…preezo had a lot things like you


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