Goldie Evicted From Big Brother Africa, Cries About Love For Prezzo

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After 70 days in the StarGame, Nigerian singer Goldie has been evicted from the Big Brother StarGame house after failing to beat off stiff competition from Kyle and Lady May.Big Brother presenter IK first broke the good news to Lady May and Kyle that they had been saved by Africa, then Goldie was unfortunately told that she had become the latest eviction victim from the house.

She was called onto the stage where she appeared in an emotional state though IK tried comforting her. That means that Nigeria is officially out of the StarGame after the voluntary exit of Ola and Chris.

Meanwhile, Goldie was surprised that Keitta nominated her on Monday and she nearly broke down. She said that she always cooked for Keitta and thus never so it coming. The Nigerian singer who won the Head of House Task on Friday has unfortunately not served her term. This means that the house will be having another sheriff.

The ‘Don’t Touch My Body Singer’ definitely had a great show and thus we can only wish her all the best out there.

Here is how Africa voted this week (15 July 2012) – We bid farewell to Nigeria’s Goldie. Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Prezzo

Botswana: Lady May

Ghana: Kyle

Kenya: Prezzo

Liberia: Prezzo

Malawi: Kyle

Namibia: Lady May

Nigeria: Goldie

South Africa: Kyle

Sierra Leone: Kyle

Tanzania: Prezzo Uganda: Kyle

Zambia: Kyle

Zimbabwe: Lady May

Rest of Africa: Goldie

Total: Kyle = 6; Prezzo = 4, Lady May = 3, Goldie = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

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