Goodluck Says His Government Failed Because Of Boko Haram

News has it that President Goodluck Jonathan today admitted, for the first time, that his government ground to a halt before it could take the first step, and he blamed Boko Haram for it.

Mr. Jonathan made the confession at the 60th National Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party.

“During [the electoral] campaign, our emphasis was more on job creation, power but now what worries us most is security,” he said. “This is because you must be alive before you will eat food”

He described security as “very, very fundamental,” saying, “If you are not safe, you can’t even think of hunger because a dead person does not need food.”

The President told senior party members that although he had promised to focus on job creation and power, he had been forced to change government policy to focus on security due to the activities of the violent militant sect.

In convoluted remarks, he said, “If you look at this issue of Boko Haram, for the past three weeks, except the incident in Plateau State, which of course is unfortunate but has nothing to do with Boko Haram, we will continue to work with Governor Jonah Jang and other leaders from the state to make sure that we resolve the crisis in Plateau State. That has nothing to do with Boko Haram.

“But outside that, we would see that there are some trends, there is some hope and God willing, the issue of Boko Haram will also come down.”

Mr. Jonathan did not comment on his promise in April to vanquish the militants by June, a promise which he did not fulfill. He did not apologize for that, either.

“Did Boko Haram also persuade him not to give a damn about corruption, for which both his government and his party are the most famous?” a political analyst asked in Abuja today. “If he says Boko Haram brought him to a standstill, did they also tell him he should not provide personal example, such as declaring his assets or telling his wife it is a shame to live in Abuja and claim a job in Abuja she cannot possibly honour?”

A newspaper columnist, commenting on Mr. Jonathan’s confession, reminded SaharaReporters that it was only recently at the “Media Chat” that Jonathan told Nigerians they will start enjoying his success in 2013.

“The cows are coming home to roost now,” he said. “Boko Haram did not stop him from buying himself executive jets or budgeting nearly N1billion for feeding himself or repeatedly traveling with hundreds of hangers-on to foreign capitals to collect huge estacode payments. He is now telling Nigerians the militants are the ones stopping him from fulfilling his electoral promises!”


  1. Can Mr President b sincere enuf to tell himself dat he didn’t knw 1 or 2 pple sponsoring d boko haram activities.
    I do believe dat there r many thgs to b done, dat d boko haram activities didn’t prevent Mr president frm doing bt bcos dey might nt increase his personal pocket, dat is y he overlooked dem.
    wen he travelled to Brazil, didn’t he remember dat jst bomb plateau state and yet he didn’t cancel his trip rather he went wt 100’s of persons.
    My President, U can still make amend if truly u hv woken up. It is better late dan never.
    God bless Nigeria

  2. its a big minus to Nigerians as whole that at this stage of our togetherness we cannot come to term to solve common issue of security. What are those we called our leaders doing? if not to be pointing figure at PDP led government. look, issue of security is everybody concerns in as much as we are in the territory of Nigeria. please let our political parties come together to put an end to this security threat and breach here and there.

  3. Mr.joe are you trying to tell us that Boko haram sect have power more than the whole Nation?does it mean nothing can be done to eliminate them?if yes thats means you are a failure.

  4. Its quite unfortunate that bokoharam might have made the greatest mistake ever! Hmm all I will say is God Bless Nigeria we have see the worse already! It is well! Amen

  5. Mr President b realistic tu ur sef.early b4 nw u shuld hv kwn da security would hv bin among ur genda.nw ur here talkin Boko haram is failin ur Gov’t wat a trash is comin out of ur mouth. Inshort ur waistin ur tym as a President.

  6. Haba Mr President,even in time of war,there should be development.We are not the only country that are faced with the challenge of security.

  7. datz it. mr président i can see clearly as à future manager that u lack “efficiency and effectiveness ” which is used to apraise the perfomance of à gud job. better stop finger pointing at boko. if i were in shoe i think the fourteen principles of management is wat i will apply wisely and all this whole craze wul b over. u lack that spirit cuz of the cabal. God save Nigeria and ojoku people.

  8. look, you guys, let us just be sincere to ourselfs, right from the day Jonathan step into the presential seat, you guys have never for once surpported him, all you know is critizing him day-in-day-out, how can Mr. President have rest of mind and do some thing, next you guys comes up with boko-harram stuff, bombing church and killing christians not for once have they ever bomb mosque. please let us tell ourself the truth. u think we don’t know. because you are not the president. must you be president.

  9. If the truth must be told jona himself has done worst dan the evil man Called IBB coz boko haram has never stopped him from enriching his pocket and dat of his co conspirators at helm of affairs. Two The North and the West has just team up to do away with jona coz he is insisting dat fuel subsidy must be probed and petroleum minister which is not dancing to the tune of all d ppl dat have bin eating our fuel subsdy has gone to court to stopped jona from probing dem and the court granted their wishes,so now every tin is actually not jona coz jona is the court dat stopped him and petroleum minister from probing dem.The average nigerian is wicked dat he tinks the only way to make it is by puttin every other person under him,and the police dat had tape and video of Otedola when given bribe to Lawal came up and said they can not prosecute Otedola becoz dar are no evidence and again is dat jona?we know jona have his own but nigerians should change from dis grevous wickedness of ours. All the nations nid now is reorientation of her ppl,where ever u find urself,see urself as influence in the positive side and not authority there wantin or supressin others from comin up.

  10. It takes a lot of courage for a politician of our day to be honest enough to admit his lack of performance in government. I as a citizen of this country – Nigeria – and a stakeholder in development process, am as concerned as any well-meaning Nigerian. God help us.

  11. Jona is jst beatin about d bush. Curruption failed his govt not BH. Is thr BH in d south? If he is lukin 4 som1 2 blame, he shld luk in d mirror. N if he is admitin he is incompetent, let him take his uncountable shoes, work out d door, shut it behind him n never luk back.

  12. What d president said is d perfect truth.The plan of d boko haram is 2 frustrate his government so as pple wil see him as failure.So my fellow nigerians instead of allowing d boko haram 2 use u against d president while nt do what u can do say prayer 2 make sure these evilmen are completely eradicated.

  13. Wow nigeria i use/d 2 know 4 pc n tranquility has now turned 2 a place d d owner ave 2 luk 4 greener pasture bcos insecurity n inbalanced of d ecönomy phenomeön ,sounds outrageous,barbaric,denounced,wot i think it can b done is in d scripture if only d masses can comply.he said return 2 me,n he shall hold my/our pc.GOD himself shal fight 4 d innocent.every of deir spönsorer,collaborats,persönalities n opertors shall xperince sudden canterworm even 4rm deir ist genertn 2 4th genertn.they shal b cut of bcos they ave commited suicide themselves,@ d end God shal save d righteous.habakku 2:8-9.ex 14 jesus name.

  14. Thank God Mr. Jonathan admits his failure. Saying that boko haRAM is the cause of his failure to deliver is a big lie. He should find another thing to lie upon,

  15. is it not a shame for the president of the most populous black nation in the world to come out with such an embarrassing utterances that some nobody by the name boko haram made him to fail on all his promises to Nigerians. A reasonable and civilized gentleman will honorably resigned before he is disgraced out of office cos he has not only disappoints Nigerians but himself, the name he bears and his creator

  16. Dear Mr. President,

    It is really wonderful that you have admitted to failure, nonetheless it is not late to turn your failures into success if you are really determined to do that. i dont think Boko Haram are bigger than Nigerian Government, you can be tackling security issues at the same time think of policies that will develop the nation. As the Giant of Africa Nigeria is nothing to write home about; 50% of the population dnt have access to electricity; our roads are killing hundreds of people; we dont have access to clean water; our hospitals lack qualified personnels and technology; our education sector is in a mess. So dear Mr. president even though Boko haram have disrupted your Government i believe you have the capacity to change the situation around. Please do something that you will be remebered for

  17. Na cry u d cry here,or abi na laugh,u beta stp it if to say na mistake way we make,to go vote for u.wch kind govt b dz.if na 2013,way ur govt go beta,make only u n ur wife n pikin enjoy am,na wen ppl don die finish na em u go con make tinz beta.jonathan i sorry for u.jonathan wif confusssion/boko blame boko haram cz na u invite thier trouble

  18. i blame every nigerian 4 this worst tym in our history, we 4got 2 pray. Alot of things are more than meets d eyes ok. Its every nigerian fault

  19. is he telling Nigerians that he dnt knw the ppl responsible for Boko Haram and the level of killing d group have couse this nation cos he is one of them thats the reason he dnt want to expose them

  20. all Nigerians are responsible for Nigerians problem because one way or ther other we have played a role to partake in corruption, but the president is very weak….if democratic government don’t favor u, then change is constant…role an autocracy government forget about PDP…good name is better than riches….you need to understand that their people in your cabinet that dont want your progress either by oversabi things or i too know they worry them….us force on them put them for jail and when you do that you will have a good way act and act well..but if you talk about subsidue again you fit nor wake-up from sleep as abacha….if na me be u i go role with force….we have army and police deploy them to the nothern states….use the countries man power and fishout those BH…police are not for escort oga they are paid to find armed rubbers and thiefs and miscrant…don’t pay salary to people who are killing your government…you need to act fast and now arrest all the big oga at the top…..u too day fear…as a president you should be ready to die for your country….make you arest who is due for arrest let them remain in jail and your government will be safe… u no watin u day fear for…sometimes i feel you don’t know the office you occupy….go and role a very had government…nor listern to court if the gouge say make u release theif send police to arrest the gorge too…and if anybodt talk arrest am…to buld jail is not cost nigeria has lands…who talk arrest am nor get mind u day lead people when get power pass you…make u use ur head oga at the talk all of us go fit talk…but wait oooh what is the CAN even doing to no coment no words…na wah self pastors…but them sabi buy private jet small time them go day conduct service for the jet na….


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