Google Tablet Debuts, Selling out Fast!

Google Inc’s has joined the list of companies with the Tablet technology with “Nexus 7” tablet which has been recently launched and is off to an encouraging start in terms of sales. With the beginning of sales on Friday, major retailers are already running out of the gadgets as the stores are crowded in the U.S.Friday.

The 7-inch tablet was unveiled by Google in the hope that it will allow it to better compete against Apple Inc and Inc. Actually, consumers have been able to pre-order the tablet from Google and several retailers in past weeks, but Google said it began shipping the devices to consumers on Friday.
The Nexus 7 uses Google’s Android mobile software, which has become the most prevalent operating system for smartphones globally, but has so far failed to make a big splash in the tablet market. By taking a greater role in the tablet arena, Google hopes to ensure that its online services remain front-and-center to consumers, as tablets by Apple and Amazon are increasingly becoming gateways to the Web and Web-based content such as movies and music.
By now the average Nigerian is asking “HOW MUCH IS THE TABLET?” Well, depending on the specifications, the predominant one in the market now goes for $199 the same price at which Amazon’s Kindle is being sold. However, the Nexus 7 has the added advantage of coming complete with a camera and a higher-resolution screen