Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Mourns Late Ghanaian President with these words

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon

As to the death of the African icon and Ghanian president that died, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has also described his feelings on media using these words

‘President Professor John Evans Atta Mills’ passing on is a mere ephemeral recumbent hibernation; an empyrean paradisiac rendezvous lies ahead. Heaven is the terminus.

The ecclesiastic, executive and legislature and all Ghanaians at large have lost a solitaire.
Any veritable verification of the verity of President Professor John Evans Atta Mills’ demise?
I am in a state of metagrabolised melancholia’.


  1. coming to realize the phraisa words of the honorable pat,it reminds me of this parabola words that says death is no respecter of persons.the personality behind the giving of life travelled out of ghana.that was why the tremedous gururu inside the kperenren ate the sanity sorrounding insanity.holddddd am there.me self dey speak-am fine like my bro.hon.pat,i hail bro.see as i dey proud say we get person like you for edo state.

  2. A spuriously hieroglyphic convey of lucid humanitarian expressions in a chronic state of hydraulic verbalogical vitriol!…..I see Hon. Pat.’ Indecipherable&verbose condolence to d demised as a deleterious velociraptor’s virulent attack visàvis HIS Excellency’s soul 6feets below! I beseech thee,oh Hon.,sir…amelioratively mollify your words’ ideological navigating modulation

  3. As rightly deposited, a man with jussive apotheosized apophthegms must face certain degree of tirades and lampoons from blabbermouths and caitiff. I do really find myself in a state of deep cafard when these lampooners enunciated discommodious words on this gentle Honorable man, Hon Patrick O. Hon patrick, you are really good

  4. He has a purpose purposelesness, and concious consciousness visions for the president.but because of mismanagement of is grammars. Now directing him to a direction directionesless and obsession with his grammartical labotomy…
    But yet he still remains our contoporol of our national..
    You guys should check out his video. it’s totally aweful…

  5. Well it is not easy for a visa en vobiscus etum to rascadar the rascadus vogue. I must say that HON PAT OBAHIAGBON is a great grammatia en tu tu ado because there’s this myopic and microscopic avalange in him. It is not easy to be a worthy son in the caban of the great architect according to Grand master ABRU SHIN. So let’s stop this mimiclotic achibonic mayanatic mamadumic and morganic divilus abum. Well I still remain worthy brother O.D. Gractias egust tes mil gomeromero ehme emideshi bros tony is nor go no mere sen guo. Adios amigo le bianda.