‘Honourable’ Shoots Wife To Death

A native of Umuida, Enugu-Ezike in Igboeze North local government area of Enugu State by the name Mathias Nweze, has reportedly shot his wife dead.Investigation was said to have commenced to look  into the bizarre incident which occurred at about 11pm last Saturday.

News have it that Nweze, popularly known as “Honourable”, claimed that while he was sleeping in his house that fateful night, his generator went off twice without knowing the cause. Having woken up suddenly, he suspected that some thieves may have invaded his compound and as a result, brought out his pump action gun and pointed it towards the direction of the generator.

Without wasting time, he allegedly fired several shots apparently to scare the alleged invaders but unknown to him, his wife was around the place. Nweze only realized that he had shot his wife when she screamed saying that the bullet had hit her. The woman fell down, bled profusely before sympathizers rushed to the scene.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the incident, said the corpse of the deceased had been deposited at the mortuary for autopsy. “We have commenced investigation into the incident that led to the shooting of a housewife by the husband,” he said.


  1. This isn’t funny at all… Is this a child’s joke or what?
    D first question is why was the woman there? (that’s if the man’s confession is true). Secondly why on earth would he (i.e a ‘Honourable man’) be openning fire at an unknown target?
    It’s not fair at all…

  2. The statement by the honourable is too childish, the police should ask him [email protected] when has he become eliminaror to eliminate armed robber without know that he is puting law in his hand. He is a rubber i.e why he is fearing. He should be properly procecuted for his carlous behavious about his wife. He havent say exactly the situation on ground. He wil confess!

  3. What can be more ridiculous than this? When robbers arrive your home I dont think the first thing they should do is to off your generator because that will alert you to come out. Hmmmm. We should make our guns ready when ever our gens are out, abi?

  4. He woke up and did not border to know where his wife was. Then he short at unknown target. Imagine, he suspected armed robbers put off the Gen. twice, then he suspected the armed robbers were at the spot where he shot. Why didn’t he suspect that since his wife was not on the bed she could be the one at the targeted spot. Poor woman, if only you were alive to tell your own story.

  5. You can truly understand why he is called ‘Honourable’, cos this is a honourable lie ! Peeps you mean to tell me if robbers invade your house and your gen.set is on won’t they have a field day? I think the honourable liar should be totured till he tells the truth cos there is more to it…

  6. This Honorable man sleeping with his honorable gen set used his not so honorable gun to scare disturbing dishonorable unarmed robbers but mistakenly shot/killed his honorable wife who was not sharing his honorable bed/room with him that unhonorable day. God have mercy on him. Case closed, unless ENUGU Police/JUDICIARY want to extract their Dishonorable share of this man’s misery! Let his family, especially the children settle the case as per Ibo/Nigerian/African culture.

  7. I no fit leave this mata for mathias alone, so I have to ask you some honourable questions: (1) How come you have a gun in your house? (2) After your generator went off who put it on that made it off the second time? (3) Could it be that the fuel line was not on and as a result the generator went off after it was on for the second time? (that would have been the first thought of a rational human being) (4) Why did you not look for your wife if you fear it was arm robbers and lock your door properly (5) If you love your gen so much and wanted to protect your property, don’t you know that a bullet can enter into the fuel tank and cause explosion that can result to loss of many properties?. Oh I forgot you were not thinking and common sense is scares these days. PHCN this is all your fault people can now commit all atrocities and blame you for it.

  8. Why Autopsy” wen d incident is clear. That He shot his Wife just b,cuz of a Dilicious food that he ask his Wife to cook n she refuse to cook it 4 him.if pls Mr Ebere Amaraizu go into details dnt stand there nd talk about AUTOPSY pls.