Hoodlums Shoot Monarch’s Son Over His Father’s Sins

The late High Chief Isaac Oyebajo was a thorn in the flesh of hoodlums during his life time. He fought them all his reign. At his demise, however, the hoodlums decided to visit his ‘sins’ on his children.

Adefela is one of them. Prince Adefela Oyebajo is the son of Baale of Fadeyi, High Chief Isaac Oyebajo. However, the Prince would have long joined his ancestors as he was shot at and clubbed almost to death by suspected hoodlums but for Providence.

The late Isaac Oyebajo died about two years ago, but his reign could not be said to have been peaceful as he reportedly had running battles with some notorious elements said to be terrorizing his domain at the time. That period his father was having running battle with the hoodlums, young Adefela was also growing up and as a teenager, he had been in conflict with some of the hoodlums in the past.

But report has it that his late father had repeatedly warned him to keep off those ‘bad boys,’ often telling him that it was his own war and he (Adefela) should allow him (the late Oyebajo) fight it alone.

Shortly after his father’s death, Adefela, 28, and his siblings soon became prime targets of the said hoodlums apparently wanting to take over the reins of the locality in the absence of a ruler. Since Adefela could not match the said hoodlums fire for fire, he reportedly fled his father’s domain and relocated to Shomolu area of Lagos State.

But on Friday, July 13, 2012, Adefela, who had been on self-imposed exile from his ancestral domain in Fadeyi, was allegedly traced to Majiyagbe Street in Shomolu where he was attacked and even shot at.

The matter is now a subject of investigation as the hoodlums who carried out the attack on the prince have since escaped from the known abode.