House Of Reps Orders NYSC To Stop Posting Corpers To Dangerous States In The North

The House of Representatives on Tuesday ordered the National Youth Service Corps to stop posting graduates who have been mobilised for the compulsory national service to volatile states in Northern Nigeria.
The lawmakers gave this directive following protests by corps members posted to such states that their lives would be in danger due to the Boko Haram crisis.

The House, however, said that those corps members who wish to serve in such states should be allowed to do so, including their indigenes.


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  • D Northerners,especially muslims should be posted to their states and others can be posted to east,West and South. If I hv a child and he is posted to d North,I won’t allow him go bc it wl be suicidal.

  • muslims atlarge should be posting to such area although the educated ones among them are few but they should be and not innocent poaple taking risk of there peaceful life.

  • Must d house of reps wait 4 d corps members 2 protest on this before they raise the issues in the house?there are many issues to discuss.I don’t think the house is with there sense of reason.can they allow there relative be posted to crises area?I believe will all know the right thing in this country.

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