Nollywood’s Susan Ekwe Tells Us How Far She Can Go For Acting

Susan Ekwe is the 25 year old daughter of veteran Nollywood actor, Ignis Ekwe. She’s a graduate of Lagos State University and here’s what she said when asked if she could act naked.

“I am weird and very daring,” she quipped. “So yes, I can act nude. I am available to act nude. If I can go topless, what will stop me from acting nude? There is no big deal there because I feel that it is all about being professional.”

When asked who foots her lavish lifestyle; frequent travels, shopping abroad etc, the actress replied: “My politician boyfriend of course. I met him in Abuja and I don’t want to talk about him please.”


  1. That’s wat they use our moni to do! Useless politicians but I won’t mind chopping that pussy too, it may be sweet from the way the package looks fresh abeg information naija how can I chop this?

  2. Imagine! The girl was bold to announce that ‘my politician boyfriend in Abuja’ foots her lavish lifestyle. It confirms the frivolous lifestyle our politicians live. If the the politician indeed labours to earns this money would he be able to shower money on this wayward and pervert of a girl! Free federal money for BASTARDS in power. God will judge them all whether they are in the legislature or executive.

  3. Useless Politcians da wl hv in Nigeria.dey ar al idiot d onli place dey wl spent der money is on Bitchezzy nt on real finz nonsens.nd 4 d young lady she has d rit to say is my politician boyfrnd da kias 4 me fools.

  4. LET’S MAKE NIGERIA BETA!!!…..yet d leaders r d 1ce corruptn d nation, using our moni 2 sponsor ashawo work…..chai!! Nígèria sorry!!!….

  5. God wud punish all those politician dat are lavishing our money on prostitutes who call themselves actress, dis girl and d politician sponsoring her used be arrested by EFCC. Foolish politicians and actress.


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