I Can Track Down Subsidy Thieves in One Week – Ribadu

Former EFCC boss, Nuhu, Ribadu, has said that he can get the fuel subsidy thieves in one week. He was speaking as a guest at the Visitor’s Forum organised by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Ribadu, who currently chairs the Special Petroleum Revenue Task Force constituted by the Federal Government, stressed that failure of regulatory agencies in the petroleum industry led to the monumental fraud in the administration of the subsidy regime. And, he believes that if the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency had done its job, “…the whole subsidy mess would not have happened. If I were to handle this subsidy thing, I will just go after the PPPRA, especially those who were at the helm when all these mess took place.”

Ribadu continues: “In one week, I will bring out every single person who took one penny. I will not bother myself with anybody else; I will just get them because nobody would make a penny out of the subsidy regime without the direct complicity of the PPPRA.”

The various moves to track down the fuel subsidy thieves are taking unnecessarily long time to yield any fruits. numerous committees were set up; the Senate has its own, the House of Representatives have theirs – which has yielded more of drama rather that results in recent times – and just last week, the president set up another panel! This, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala has said, will come up with the final solution to the fuel subsidy fraud issues.


  1. The Commission needs some body like Nuhu Ribadu. And its the must powerful law Nigeria ever enacted into law in order to curb curroption completly in the government system. Section 2(1)a- of the Fiscal Responsibility Act,2007, empowers the Commission to compel any person or government institution to disclose information relating to public revenues and expenditures; and (b) cause an investigation into whether any person has violated the provisions of the Act. So thsts where curroption can be eliminated completly in Nigeria,and Fiscal Responsibility Commission is among the must important laws that the country ever enacted, but isn’t being followed

  2. With due respect to Nuhu Ribadu, i dought if he has that capacity,boldness & courage to face them under this system nigeria is operating.if u rememberd during political gladiators who where using EFCC to silent they opponet or to remove a seating govern without due process. our leaders are not serious to fight corruption for now.God bless nigeria

  3. I don’t know exactly what Alhaji Ribadu is talking about but the less noise he makes, the betterhis chances of exposing his overconfidence and foolishness. Reason; what was he able to do during President Obasanjo’s time? There are many ways to seek notice without saying exactly what you want. What does he really want?