Insecurity In Nigeria: How To Become The Change Nigeria Needs


The roles and the importance of youths in any contemporary society in the world today cannot be over emphasized. To a greater extent it has become even more imperative in our own dispensation vis-à-vis the myriads of insecurity challenges lurking before us like stagnant water in our various neighborhoods. In the last 42 months, we have lost that hold we had on security. In the last 42 months, we have continued to face similar circumstances that brokered the civil war that almost robbed us of our unity in diversity. In the last 42 months, there has been this turning and turning in a widening gyre, the falcon can no longer heed the falconer’s voice, things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold. Mere anarchy has been loosed upon Nigeria.

The situation has gotten to its climax; the government has almost run out of options I hope I am wrong though. They can no longer guarantee the safety of Nigerians and their properties but what more can they do? If you ask me, fighting crime and terrorism is nothing more than chasing shadows or something close to an invidious exercise. Should the situation be allowed to deteriorate further then? NO. The machinery lies in the youth as the upholders of the future and brighter Nigeria and because a bulk of the problem also lies in the youth. What then should be done? One may be propelled to ask.

The time has come for Nigerian youths to come together under one umbrella, shunning all manners of ethnic or creed differences to protect the sanctity of the one and only land they can truly call theirs. The time has come for every single Nigerian youth to unite and say: we have had enough! But in doing so, must shun all iota of violence. It is high time every Nigerian youth came out to say “I am a star and no one can deny me of my inalienable right to twinkle”. It is germane that we are the apparatus or the harbinger of this unfortunate situation in our society but we should rise up and denounce all such acts as they will lead us where happiness and posterity will never go. To no one shall we be slave to and no one should we allow to decide our fate. We should come together under one umbrella, enlighten ourselves in the simplest of languages and prepare a brighter future for our generation unborn.

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The time has come for the leadership of student unions in all citadels of learning to summon a clarion call to all students under their respective chapters, organize workshops that will focus on ways to achieving a lasting peace and a better environment for all. Instead of being carried away with the luxurious life and cheap popularity that comes with the occupation of these offices, they should lay more emphasis on steps towards achieving a better Nigeria for all and sundry and not severing the little that is left by leading protests against governmental educational policies as was witnessed in the rebranding of UNILAG as these acts will only fuel violence.

To all those youths roaming the streets without the wherewithal to secure a formal education, it is not the end of the world as lightning will always give way to sunshine. They should leap a bit further above their human capabilities that are consumed with opportunities for those who seek. You should not because the government hasn’t done well enough to provide you with free education or employment lead a vendetta against the government but on the contrary, imbibe the philosophy and ideology of john. Fitzgerald Kennedy, a onetime president of the United States when he said “ask not what your country has done for you but what you have done for your country”. Instead of sitting idly at home doing almost nothing in the name of unemployment, we should tow in the words of Ola Rotimi in his book: the gods are not to blame to the effect that “life is wicked but to resign oneself to fate is to be crippled fast”. It is said that life begins where fear and procrastination ends. Let us imbibe this virtue and make it our watch word in our daily dealings. On no grounds should we be used as the tool of violence because violence has never solved the simplest of problems and wars only determine who is left behind and not what is achieved.

Let us all in unison declare that we shall no longer be used as the machinery to rig elections by mischievous politicians who hasn’t our common good at heart but rather we should stand up firm and ensure that votes count at elections and if our party loose at polls let us channel our grievances through the courts and not taking the laws into our hands. We should take part in partisan politics and even contest for elective posts in our respective wards with the intent of being an instrument of change upon elected.

We should draw inspirations from celebrated youths out there whom despite the unfortunate accident of their birth, defied all odds, and weathered the storm to the skies. We can also be like them but we can never be like them if we go on fueling violence. Let us go back to the drawing board and channel out a better future for ourselves and the world at large.

Finally and most importantly, the two major religions in no way preaches violence and no one can compromise these status quo. Oh ye! Nigerian youths, let us get to work and occupy our nation for the better while these youthful hew sits on us like  early morning dew  on rose flowers. As we embark on this stride may our burden be light and how great is our distress until it is over.



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