Iya Rainbow: I Have Not Done “It” in 30Years

Little or no introduction should be given to this actress that has graced many movies with her exceptional talent in acting. She has won local and international awards by acting in several Yoruba movies and soaps on television.

In an interview Iya Rainbow granted Encomium magazine, the veteran actress said she is fulfilled in her home and career. However, she regretted that she lost her husband less than 15 years into their marriage.

She told Shade Wesley Metibogun that anytime that she remembers her late husband, it memory still come fresh.
According to Iya Rainbow , her late husband was very caring and supportive before he passed on 1984.” For the past 30 years, I have not had sex, i can’t do it again till i die” She said.
“I have been the only one carrying the burden alone. He treated me like egg for the few years that we were together, most especially when I was pregnant. He will go to the market, buy things, cook for me and take care of the house. He spoilt me silly. Which man will do that for me again? At times, I look at marriages and broken homes and i wonder what really went wrong” Iya Rainbow said.


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  1. If Iya rainbow said she has never slept with any man since she lost her husband,that means she’s so devoted to her late husband,which no other woman can withstand nowadays

  2. If this woman can truely survive without having sex for 30 good years oh my God that means we can leave without having sex till we marride,guys think about this now.

  3. @Ahmed,when my mum died in ’99,my dad abstained from sex& relationships with women for 8yrs cos he loved his wife dearly.We had to force him to get married so he wouldn’t die of boredom.Iya Rainbow try,e no easy oh.


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