Jonathan Knows the Sponsors of Boko Haram – Bishop

Rt. Rev. James Oladunjoye, an Anglican Bishop of the Owo Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has expressed his concern that the Federal Government knows the identity of the sponsors of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

The Bishop said this in his Bishop Charge which he read on Friday during the Third Session of the 10th Synod held at the St. Paul’s Church, Ijagba in the Ose Local Government area of Ondo State. He then expressed his fears that the country may split under President Goodluck Jonathan if he fails to bring sponsors of the dreadful Boko Haram sect to book.

The cleric said unless President Goodluck Jonathan take proper action against the sponsors of the sect with a view to bringing them to justice, they would ensure the total collapse of his government eventually.

In his words, “The sponsors of Boko haram are no longer in government or the corridors of power which they believe is their birthright. They are those that have been pushed away from controlling the national cake… We have said it with all emphasis, that the sponsors of this sect are well known to those in government especially the President.”


  1. Actually Mr.Jonathan is deciving d whole nigeria.
    If the president don’t know the value of it’s citizen,he should either die or taste death so as to see what ppl are seeing.
    Jonathan’s gov is now so far the wost gov in terms of all kinds coroption.
    If de country will devd for peace to reing,it should be slited as soon as possible.
    Jonathan:Subsidy,bombing,kidnapping,all kinds of robring etc.

  2. Gej. two things you have to do now, since you told nigerias that Boko. Haram are in your Executive and legislative. House. Which means you’re not rogged and tested to fight them. 1. Either you split the country now that you can still split it. Or 2. Give way and let someone else try. A vibrant, rogged, dogged and tested men like comrad Adams Oshiomole, Chris ngege, Aliko Dan Gote etc to deliver the good people of Nigeria or else, anything can happen

  3. The problem is not the president but the nothern politicians who wants to keep power by all means. You should know that the north ruled this country longer than any other tribe. The prsident has after this term another 4years if he wins. And for those of you that are planing impeachment against the president, examin ur lives if you are better or has done better in you own areas. Nigerians I still call upon u to put aside rellgion and tribal differences and resist our common enemies the corrupt politician. And let it be known to nigerians that Goodluck Jonathan is being crucified because he let common nigerians understand what the oil cabals are doing by wsy of oil subsid he is also being made a laughing stock because he stood agains those that are holding Nigeria through PHCN. The part that even the dreaded Abach, the marradona IBB and OBJ who in the papers sunk in a fortune into nepa without any visible change. At least one thing is sure, there is improvement in PHCN. Power in most places have improved. We also know that there arecabals who rob the nation blind by way of subsidy. GEJ has exposed them. It is left for nigerian commoners to say no to corruption and stop seeing the president as the black sheep which these evil men he exposed want us to belive.let’s give him a chance in his transformation agenda. I advice the president to be focused.sack anyone you sincerly belive is not performing, being that person your blood brother, hausa, youruba, igbo etc., I know that the load on ur shoulders are so heavy but try so much to do ur sinere best. Long live mr presisent. Long live fedral rep. Of Nigeria

    • Bros u 2 much jo, u spoke well like a matured mine and a true nigerian, God will bless u 4 such prayers 4 our country nigeria. God knows everything, he knows d begining and d ending of dis country, oness is how we shul live in dis country if we mst develope. God bless GEJ, God bless d good people of Nigeria and God bless d Federal Republic Of Nigeria IJN, AMEN