Lagos Lawyer Offers To Prosecute Otedola For Free

A Lagos-based lawyer, Robert Igbinedion, has voluntarily offered to prosecute multi-billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola.

In an interview with Daily Times NG on Wednesday, Igbinedion disclosed that he had sent letters explaining his willingness and intentions to the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Acting Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General of the Federation.

He said, “Nigerians have lost trillions, but they still go ahead to spend millions on prosecutors and yet, nothing to show for it. So I’m offering my service so there will be no more cost on the masses.

The lawyer accused Otedola of attempting to scuttle investigations into the oil subsidy and operations in the oil sector.

“He (Otedola) is the first to come out in the open to scuttle the investigation, because all he is doing is an attempt to blackmail the House (of Representatives) and scuttle investigations,” he said.

He, however, said that his focus was beyond Otedola.

“My intention is to attack those that claim to be high and mighty who have stolen our oil wealth,” the lawyer explained.

According to him, not much success has been made in the country’s purported fight against corruption, in spite of the huge budget going into funding anti-graft agencies.


  1. Mr femi is guilty of dual offences. First looting Nigerians resources and bribery and corruption. Nigerians are tired of unfulfilled promises. How long will it take them to prosecute the culprits? All these are elements of distractions to delude the citizens attentions from the subsidy probe. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries. Amen!

  2. Where is NLC/TUC they are saying and doing nothing now. This omnimous silence gives credence to the allegation that the leadership of the unions collected bribes from the FG. Therefore when the raal revolutiion begins they bwill all be swept away. What does jonathan understands by war against corruption how can a man who recently declared his assets be afraid of doing so after two years of change of status. Methinks the executive legislative and judiciall are including those lawyers who live bon the fringes of capitalism must prepare for the final onslaught from the masses

  3. For God’s sake,let us tell ourself the truth,thanks to femi,for exposing this so called panell,if not him how should we have known all this,we shld have all agree that the panel have just done a great work not knowing that all the report was all about stealing another of our money to cover stolen money, where is faruk,he deserved to be sentenced for this,even if femi is guilty,we should appreciate him for this brave exposition,let the so called lawyer go and prosecute faruk and his members first, for us to see how well he knows his Job .