London 2012: Know the Sports in which Nigeria will be Participating

It is a day to the 2012 Olympics holding in London. Some patriotic Nigerians are still interested in the country’s participation in the event. In case you want to watch Nigeria in this year’s Olympics, below is a list of the sports in which the country will be participating:

Athletics (including all track and field events: Long Jump, Relay, Javelin, 100 Meters, etc.)
Canoe Slalom
Table Tennis

Yes – incase some of you are already wondering – there is no soccer for Nigerians in this year’s Olympics. Our teams – both male and female – have refused to qualify. However, in compensation, the national basketball team D’Tigers (still wondering how they arrived at that name) will be debuting at the Olympics. We will also be featuring at the Canoeing event in this year’s Olympics for the first time.

In all, the country is participating in Eight (8) Sports, compared to US’s Thirty-Five (35) and South Africa’s 20. Also, we have a total of Fifty-Three (53) athletes participating in the Olympics this year, compared to the US’s 536 and South Africa’s 133.


But, do not worry, we will win something! Just make sure you follow every single event in which we are participating.


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