Muslims Protest Plans To Demolish Mosque In Onitsha

There was palpable tension in the commercial city of Onitsha yesterday when the Muslim community comprising Igbos, Hausas and Yorubas resisted alleged plot by the Anambra state government to demolish their Central Mosque located close to the Bridgehead market. Saturday Nation gathered that the Muslims numbering over 1000 and chanting “Allah is the greatest”, maintained that the plan by the state government to destroy their place of worship was a fallout of the cold war against them in the state.
Addressing journalists yesterday during the protest, the leader of the Muslims, Alhaji Habib Faruk, said they have already compiled with the state government’s decision to beautify the Bridgehead and Upper Iweka axis by removing all their shops as directed, adding the said mosque does not fall within the area marked for demolition.
Alhaji Faruk who led the protest, condemned the manner members of the Anambra state task force under the Transition Committee Chairman of Onitsha South descended on the Muslims during their Friday prayer and forced them out of the mosque.
He maintained that the action of the state government might not be unconnected with the current activities of the dreaded Boko Haram in some Northern parts of the country.He pleaded with the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, to prevail on the state government to approach the issue with caution in view of the security situation in the country.
“We are not resisting the decision of the state government to beautify the Bridgehead but the plan to demolish our place of worship is more political and could result in breakdown of law and order because no Muslim would stand by and watch their place of worship demolished for no just cause”
Meanwhile, the Transition Committee Chairman of Onitsha South, Mr. Okechukwu Ezeani, said the actionof the state government was not politically or religiously influenced, but a measure to clean up the entrance to the state.
He said “we are not targeting any mosque.Even if a cathedral is standing in the place marked out for demolition, it would be pulled down, so, the insinuation that the state government is witch hunting Muslims is unfounded and malicious”
It took the intervention of the Commander of the 302 Artillery Regiment, Onitsha , Col J. T Durowaiye, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Balla Nasarawa and the Onitsha Area Commander, Mr. B.C. Wordu who drafted detachments of armed security men to the area to bring the situation under control.

Source: The Nation Newspaper


  1. The Anambra State Government should be very careful of the subtle but dangerous threats embedded in the comments of the Muslim leader and take appropriate action, such comments should not for any reason whatsoever be viewed and handled with levity.

  2. @Elohozynno you are funny ooo, its people like you that worsen situations. You should understand that the IGBO’s do not have monopoly of actions against places of worship. The Igbo’s simply have their own agenda. One must not be a Muslim to understand this. Agbalagba

  3. There are countless numbers of churches in the north than there are mosques in the southern part of Nigeria. If this becomes tit-for-tat, it is not going to be in anybody’s interest. Meanwhile, I think the leadership of the muslim community should ask for audience with the state government in order to negotiate a relocation of the said mosque to a more appropriate location. Developments catch up with old structures and it is normal to change things once in a while. As long as there is no malice in the action of the state govt, then there is no cause for any alartm. May Allah bless us all. Ramadan Kareem.
    Wali, Kano – Nigeria

  4. There x no reason 4 d state gvt 2 demolish such holy place lyk this. This is another issue on security 4 d FG. 4 d state govt watch ur steps bc their are uncountable churches here in d nrth.Mtsw

  5. Perhaps GEJ has failed in his quest to divide dis gr8 nation called Nigeria jst lyk late Ojuchu.Now is ur turn to follow their footsteps abi? Be caution in ur actions before u carry out such thing. Because wen its happens nt even u d Governor wil be spared.May God ve mercy on ur soul.Anofia…

  6. Oh! Yes! Let them destroy it. Beside they have been destroying churches in the north.May be it is time we stop treating this animals called muslims with kid gloves.

  7. @elohozynno you are just make noise who do you thinks igbos are. Fuck you and who ever leaders subtle comments are who care. for all we care is that the mosque is to be levelled.


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