Must Watch Video – White Girl insults UNILAG Students Protesting University Name Change

You won’t believe what this white girl has to say about the Unilag protest. Check it out…


  1. And by the way, she’s been duly noticed. And I agree she’s not white. Not all fair-skinned people should be referred to as Whites, for example – Chinese aren’t Whites. And I also agree that she should try to solve her country’s issues before pointing fingers.

  2. wht did she knw abt nigeria politics? The nomemclatural re-appelletion of unilag is a peremptory dicta reminiscent of d Jan 01 subsidy denudation peripetia,which we must halt this ludicrously lugubrious kakistocracy,we must demur against demuren ”no onomatopoeic extrapolation intended”

  3. she makes a lot of sense and has told us the bitter truth about our value placement. though renaming of unilag justifies the angst of the students, there are more important things they should protest about but which they have accepted as normal. she actually hit the nail on the head some of the commentators here are quite myopic in castigating her.

    I am so certain she has not exceeded the 4 corners of her country’s map, that’s why she lacks adequate knowledge about what is in a name.

  5. I mean her no harm but she must be cautious. Bringing the situation to the fore, i wud say if the students continue the protest on the trivial nomenclature case, diminishing reputation becomes a major snag which can possibly precipitate the poor calibre of the varsity .

  6. Its painfully obvious that its taking a foreigner to understand nigerian priorities,than the political students of the university. If the youths of Nigeria rise up today and start protesting against corruption and what not,we are off to a good start for increased development.
    Thanks for that video miss.

  7. When u are in a country where d government claims to be deaf to d needs of d people and d happenings in d country, but pays attention to trivialities like name change, then protesting a negative action will prevent further bigger negative actions. the girl should go and learn more about d WONDERFUL people of nigeria. she does not know enough.

  8. there was a time in the past that Government use to literary fear the youth of the Nigerian Higher institutions, that time is long gone now, this sweet lady is telly the truth and its really bitter. Nigerian have a level of stupidity that is synonymous with that of foolish person. we one more that 70 million unemployed youth, nothing is working in the country and we watch, meanwhile nice thing to protest in UNILAG, however we need to get our acts together and let the government know they got work to do. thank you young woman for your interest in naija. i can make you a citizen if you want

  9. I believe this girl is very correct. I have been saying it for a very long time that most of the world class university all over the world are named after a renowned somebody. Even if ABIOLA did not belong to this category of people, school fees, Hostel fee, and other charges increment should have called for protests not the change of name of the school. FG is the owner, founder and funder of the institution. I believe they have the right to do so. Anybody against this girl or woman on this issue must be sick upstairs.

  10. bt com 2 tink of it,honestly wot d whit is sayin is 100% coret,giv banana to monkey dat deserv it nt goat! Y protestin 4 ordinary name and people are kilin others every day no body is protestin,an NYC ar stil sendin corpers to thos violent states to go an serv in dia grave!no body is protestin,y protestin 4 changin name.

  11. Why do you guys have low thinking and mentality?. all she said was true. Nigerian universityies, youths and labour never protest a day in country’s situation. we never go on the street and ask our government why can we have electric, good road and other social aminities. we are afraid of police and other security agents and we a set of students can rist their lives on school name changed. it’s time we should think right. all thses things the girls said are good. you bounch of fools never think and someone else from another country is now telling you guys in the areas where you can protest before your government and your guys open your mouths and criticised her. let Nigerians be wise.

  12. Hei unilag students, the Lady is right, stop protesting, by the way some univerties in Naija were named after those who offered naija nothing…look round and see 4 ur selves. In fact I can’t wait 4 my own(unijos) to be changed.

  13. As an African American, I find the video very condescending and insulting. Democracy is a process in action. We should always encourage our young people to participate in the democratic process for change, even if the change they seek is small compared to larger issues. By finding their collective voice and learning the power of unity in action, they give themselves power to transform their lives and communities in other ways. I agree with the lady that infrastructure and development, education and medical care is a lot more important on the scale of things. BUT, by standing up for what they believe, they’re developing tools for greater change. So for me, their protest (as long as it remains non-violent) is a wonderful exercise of the democratic process.

  14. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion…

    I’m not in the least bothered by her myopic views. True, the country’s hinged with lot of challenges as do all other countries but to narrow all that down and tag the uproar greeted by the ‘now suspended ‘name change as irrelevant and insignificant is Inappropriate (and that’s me putting it mildly).

    Like I said..everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Sorry lady..I’m not mad at you.. I just sigh at your misplaced extrapolation.

  15. those who are castigating the girl dont like the truth , indeed the truth is bitter. They are protesting name change when there are more important things to protest about, they are not even sure of getting job after graduating,they didnt protest about dat,what of the insucurity in the country,high unemployement rate,bad roads,poor electricity,high handed corruption of govt officials,the bad image of our country outside, so many tins yet they are protesting about change of name.

  16. I also have come the same conclusion that UNILAG students are big time fools, as popular as the school so is the popularity of fools in the school.
    If you take a good look at the idiots rioting, you will find out that 80% of them are dull brain people, they are not beyond the “2nd class lower” student. In fact the whole UNILAG system is confused.

  17. Dominion are you a first class graduate? Talking about of degree, peoples that had made inpact in the world does not posses first class degree, some does not even av a degree. can you tell me what those with first class has done for the country? and you just write jagons and call people fool? who could have been a better fool? Talking about the video, she may be right there are many things to protest on but have you think on your own the possibility of a group of students (very minute portion of the population) protesting lack of power. hw real do think it is? what happen at the end when we occupy the street during subsidy? soldiers sent to freedom pack abi. what has become of those guys killed extra judiciously? and some of you just sit there support somebody just talking what she has no knowledge about. just bcos of her color? shit!

  18. Wats her buisness
    nd those pple talkin abt priority, d protestin d name change is a priority, afterall dey would av to change deir logo which would gulp millions of naira, nt to talk of d confusion a name change would bring about.
    Y didnt jonathan inform d sch b4 goin on t.v to change deir name?
    “Can u change a mans name in his absence”- Moshood Abiola said this