Nasarawa State Governor’s son Arrested In Malaysia Over Drugs/Guns Possession

It was gathered that one of the sons of  Nasarawa State Governor, Governor  Malam Al Makura, was arrested and detained in Malaysia by the security agencies in Malaysia for possession of hard drugs and gun running.
According to the information received, the son who goes by the name, Kali Umar, who is the son of the first Lady, Hajiya Salamatu Al Makura – used to be a student at the Nasarawa State University in Keffi where he majored in Social Sciences. During his sophomore [second] year at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, his father, the governor of Nasarawa State sought admission for him at a school in Malaysia – and flew Kali Umar to Malaysia to further his studies.

The governor’s son was reported to have been arrested in the last week of June 2012 – resulting in his father cutting short a USA official trip to branch to Malaysia to attend to the case. It is uncertain to what extent the father was able to dilute the case but credible sources indicate the son to still be held in detention in Malaysia.

The details of his arrest remain foggy.

In talking with the Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the governor of Nasarawa State, Abdulhamid Kwara on Friday July 6, 2012, he declined to comment – stating that “the matter was family affair”. Other members of the Al Makura administration contact remained tight lipped on the matter. The Chief Press Secretary [CPS] pleaded to be left out of the matter.



  1. @ akwe doma.av u finishd wit dat ciminal son of ur’s who became a billoniare over hell it jst rumors.nd 4 information khalid is a free dude u suckaz

  2. My governor almakura. sir, I know you testified that no GOD but ALLAH and muh’d rasuulullah. my advice to you is that you should know that no circumstances is unforseen by ALLAH. from BILYAMEEN IBRAHIM AUTA [yameen mai sudan] AKURBA.

  3. kali has left a stain on the face & on the map of nasarawa state. & also on the governance & leadership of the state…. the lord will change our shame for fame…

  4. well, its not new,nigeria is not good,only GOD will come to our rescue, all the people in nigerian are praying for better, we are matured to hv freedom by nw,al those leaders are robers and since they failed to do good, there families will pay for it , not only him, in nigeria u see a man stealing cow will judge a man u steal fowl, they are robers, even the president, they knw who are doing bad but cannot tell u , but i knw soon it will get to d wall soon,they turn nigeria money to there family money and making nigerian youths to suffer even in abroad and even making d malaysians to blasphem nigeria names,let god judge those people,all d governors are robers and efcc will say they r free but in overseas they r robers, na wah o, god will reveal there secret all , the most worst thing in d world are wht they do,they dont even talk abt millions nw, its billions and trillions ,hahahha. we r waiting till they will die soon i bet them

  5. Yameen mai sudan {bilyaminu ibrahim auta}. I bone in Akurba(akb), Lafia nasarawa the year 1989/01/10. Akurba is a ward that has 7 km distance, from Lafia to Akurba. akb has a large number of people, with deferents tribe and among the tribe, there as Eggon, Kanuri, Gwandara, nungu, migili, Alago, Daurawa, and Angasawa. etc. Muslim & christain religious are in the ward. but dominance, are muslim. both 2 religious do not show deferences to theirself. always joyed. no fighting.

  6. May Allah help everybody here in Lafia or Nasarawa state at large.Amin.but what pains me most is that I am a graduate that did my NYSC Batch A 2010 but yet no gov’t work for me.Now I am forced to be a class teacher earning #7000 per month.but a common student have enough money to buy drugs and gun?we hv serve this nation with all our strength,if something is not done the spirit of prosperity will never forgive our leaders.this is just the beginning.GOOD LUCK ALL THE PEOPLE OF NAS.STATE

  7. A governor of a state?. Did he take care of his children. The public should not forget to put things in the right place whether Nigeria is currupt or not, the child of a leader should at least shine with good examples. Can any of our so called leaders boasting of sending their children to Haward university to study some thing that will help them repair what their fathers are destroying. Every one knows that if you are not from the leader’s family, you can be killed for opposing them but any very educated chgild of a leader has all the things possible to get into the government and when they are really professionals, then they can see that ruinunung a nation where you belong is a shame to all the citizens including the leaders themselves. Nigerians leaders family are dealling on all sort of illegal businesse while their leaders of the family are busy syphoning whatever values they can lay there hand on in the government sit.
    I’ll like to hear that any child from Gowon, Murtala, Abacha, Idiagwon, Babangida, Good luck Jonathan has won an international academic award in any of the social and physical sciences (invent something, write a book about anything)..No it’s either affairs with cocaine or human traficking or even envolved in selling guns to armed robbers. Instead of using their father’s post to do something possitive, they only engage in criminal acts and these are the people who are legislators making laws and signing them into acts. Now the father will come out to tell us that he is a grown up and he can live his life. If you refuse to put good manue to your crobs you do not find excuse saying that it is a crob and has to bring fruits.. Untenderd crobs brings nothing except sadness during harvesting season. Let the father go and pay bribe to bring the son out. I would have left all Nigerians who carry drugs in a jail outside Nigeria so they’ll not be able to come back and continue with the same mess.

  8. To nigth at 3 : 25 am the moon will go arround the ka’abah in the sky will be light blue, this is the moment of acceptance in this moment comes after every 100 thousand years you can ask Allah whatever you want I prayed may Allah let us be in jannaht fiddausi, and make us no surfered in every situation we found ourself – The prophet [peace be upon him] said: who ever does not give up forged speech and evil actions Allah is not inneed of his leaving, his food and drink”{i.e Allah will not accept his fast}


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