NDLEA Links Suicide Bombings to Drug Abuse!

In a fresh but interesting twist to the bombings going on in the country, the Director General of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Femi Ajayi, has linked the activities of terrorists and suicide bombers to the use of illicit drugs.

While speaking in Lagos at a public presentation of books on drug abuse prevention, the Director General said no person would undertake a mission to die in an explosion if not under the influence of drugs. Suicide bombing can therefore be described as one of the possible extreme consequences of drug abuse.
He pointed out that, “the impact of drug abuse is far more damaging than some people assume, because it is related to violent crimes. A man under the influence of drugs is as deadly and unpredictable as a mad man playing with a time bomb”.
The NDLEA Boss also added that the books being launched will serve as important reference points in a world battling to control drug use among youths. He states, “we need to educate people on the hazards of narcotics. Public enlightenment is central to drug control”.


  1. Insincerity of purpose and sentimental injustice are parts of the major reasons why the fight against drug abuse cannot see the light of the day. When the elites and the public resources looters who call themselves politicians are taking hard drugs is not drug abuse but when the poor man takes it that it becomes an offence. You should be aware that what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries. Amen!

  2. In presenting this situation you may be able to help “Narcotic & Drug Abuse Prevention Association in Cameroon. We are a non profit, non political association,trying to organize some mss sensatization activities in Cameroon to create awarness of the bad effects and consequencies of drug trafficking and abuse which is so rampant in this country and has been making thousand of helpless victims. We are expecting some advice please.
    According to a study carried out by a Cameroonian newspaper in 2008, “more than 2 of 5 Cameroonian youths affirmed of haven consumed a drug. Even the women, who are considered to have a delicate health situation, are not left behind”. According to the newspaper published on the 8th of May 2011 at 10h30 (Societé, Education par Maurice Depfao), “in Cameroon for example, notably in the urban area, drug has become to the youths what bonbon is to the children. Whether employed or unemployed, the Cameroonian youths consume enormous drug daily in order to confront or face the test of life”.
    The remarkable recrudescence of criminality in our communities, the numerous cases of drug trafficking that we hear on radio and see on television are evident.
    Without forgetting the recently reported judicial case files being treated by our security services, with regards to crime perpetrated these days following the consumption of substance, the revelations are as frightful as terorism itself.

    We witness cases like that of a young man who druggs himself over night and is unable to stand on his feet at dawn to help himself. We want to do something for our people but face a lot of difficulties. Awaiting to hear from you.


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